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Gold Rush FAQ

THANK YOU FOR YOUR online donation!

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How do I donate to a fundraiser?

Monetary donations are welcome on nearly all of our team's fundraising campaigns. Some will show "Donations" of specific values as a standalone product in the fundraiser.  Some will allow an "Additional Donation" to be made at checkout if purchasing one of the team's ship-to-home products.  Ultimately, it is up the each organization to decide with their Fundraising Coach if adding a donation option suits their goals.

Can I donate to a fundraiser that has closed?

Once the fundraiser has ended, online payments gateways have been closed for the campaign and participants have limited access to the "Log Sales" feature on their selling app. Unfortunately, late donations are not typically accepted. However, there are certain circumstances that can be accommodated. Please contact to see if we can assist with your specific request.

Did my donation process?

If you are making a purchase online via credit card payment, a receipt will be sent automatically to the email address provided at checkout. If you are paying in person via cash or check, let the seller know that you would like a receipt, provide them with your email address, and they can enter it in for an automatic purchase confirmation email to be sent.

Can I receive a refund on my donation?

Since your purchase supports a fundraising campaign, we are not typically able to issue refunds. 

Is my donation  tax-deductible? 

All payments flow through Gold Athletics money-management systems before the organization receives their profits to ensure the security and accuracy of all payment data.  Since Gold Athletics is not a 503(c)(3) organization, your donation is not tax deductible.


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