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questions about jerky?

Are your products gluten free?

The majority of our brisket line is gluten free.  Please refer to the nutritional facts to confirm.

What is the difference between the brisket and traditional lineup?

The brisket is made from real slabs of brisket meat (cut from the pectoral region), whereas the traditional jerky is made from the top round.  The brisket is soft and tender, whereas the traditional line is your classic “grip-it and rip-it” jerky.

What is El Jefe?

El Jefe is a sister company that we started to cater to the Mexican community.  We are proud of our innovation to provide customers with a true hispanic flavored jerky. 

Where do you source your meat from?

All of our meat is sourced locally from the United States.

My jerky has white spots on it.  What is that?

White material can be a variety of things including mold, fat, or grease.  Since we use premium beef with such big slices, you will see lots of marbling on our slabs. Also, a little bit of fat is a completely normal occurrence and does happen from time to time. The product is completely safe to eat.

What is the best way to store my jerky? 

Our jerky is 100% shelf-stable in a cool, ambient environment. It does not require any special handling or refrigeration.

How long will my jerky last when I open the bag? 

If the jerky has a re-sealable bag the product should be consumed within 3 days of opening the bag.  If the bag is not re-sealable the jerky should be consumed that same day.

What is the shelf life of J&K jerky?

In a cool, ambient environment the jerky is shelf-stable for one year.  Please always refer to the expiration date on the bag before consumption.




ALLERGEN AND Nutrition Facts

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