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5 Times Gold Cards Became the MVP in Sports Fundraising

Gold Cards have stood out as a unique and effective fundraising tool. But what makes these discount cards the go-to choice for numerous high school and youth sports teams? Here's an in-depth look at the allure and impact of these Golden cards & tickets.

Gold Cards have emerged as the flagship product for Gold Athletics, and their popularity is easy to understand. Not only are they compact and fit perfectly in supporters wallets, but they also offer tantalizing discounts at 20 to 25 businesses, both local and nationally recognized. Every Gold Card reflects a meaningful partnership with these businesses, guaranteeing exclusive deals for an entire year. Shout out to our Merchant team who continuously makes these partnerships happen!

Gold Cards aren’t just about the offers. They’re personalized – fronted by your team's branding and potentially its schedule, while the reverse side lists the fantastic local and national deals up for grabs. To sweeten the pot, each gold card is accompanied by six Key Tags, each spotlighting the crème de la crème of local deals. These are meticulously designed for a one-off use, unless stated otherwise. Crafted with user convenience in mind, these Key Tags easily detach and fit onto a keychain, ensuring that the best deals are never more than a supporters arm's length away.

Wondering about their real-world impact for teams who have used them to fundraise? Let's break down some recent numbers:

  1. North Attleboro Football, Massachusetts - raised $44,050 with 1292 supporters in 3 weeks with fundraising coach Matt Ross

  2. Whitmer Football, Ohio - raised $42,250 with 1,041 supporters in 3 weeks with fundraising coach Robby Muniak

  3. Wilton Boys and Girls Lacrosse, Connecticut - raised $25,350 with 398 supporters in 5 weeks with fundraising coach Matt Curtis

  4. Arundel Football, Maryland - raised $29,325 with 730 supporters in 3 weeks with fundraising coach Rob Lunenfeld

  5. Wyomissing Football, Pennsylvania - raised $23,800 with 736 supporters in 3 weeks with fundraising coach Brian Ludwig

Behind each of these staggering performance figures is a story of teamwork, dedication, and hands-on support from Gold Athletics fundraising coaches. From the initial stages to delivery, the journey with our coaches is seamless. Not only are discounts promptly delivered (now with immediate access to our virtual card on GoldDeals+), but a dedicated fundraising coach is always on standby, ensuring quality products and unwavering support at every juncture.

Eager to give your team's fundraising the boost it deserves? Our fundraising coaches await your call. Reach out to our team of expert’s here to start the conversation.


Merchant Benefits: The Unsung Heroes Behind Gold Cards' Success

Beyond the surface, what drives these local and nationally recognized businesses to collaborate and feature on our Gold Cards? First and foremost, by aligning with Gold Athletics, merchants can effectively drive new customers into their stores. It's an invitation for consumers to explore and, in the process, boost the word-of-mouth marketing of the business. Being featured on a Gold Card translates to free advertising for an entire year, acting as a subtle yet constant reminder of the brand's presence. The exclusive deals provided not only incentivize customer purchases but also enhance brand loyalty. Lastly, every merchant that associates with gold cards experiences the gratification of supporting local youth sports teams, truly making a difference in the community. It's a win-win, blending commerce with cause, amplifying the significance of supporting teams in the larger ecosystem.

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