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Proctor’s $12.9K Power Play Winning Big with Gold Cards Fundraising

Case Study: Proctor's $12,900 Achievement, A Remarkable Rally

In the competitive spirit of New York, Proctor Football, guided by Coach Matt Curtis, embarked on a financial endeavor with Gold Athletics that netted an impressive $12,900 from Gold Cards fundraising sales. This initiative was chosen for its simplicity, digital efficacy and targeted objective: to accumulate essential funds needed to hire additional coaching staff and procure vital items for the season's success. This Gold Card fundraiser was a tactical move toward a season equipped for triumph.

Scoring with Rewards: Motivating Custom Gear

Hard work on the field was matched by effort off the field, earning players custom long sleeve shirts and bucket hats adorned with their school logo. These rewards went beyond the usual gear; they symbolized their team's grit, pride and success.


In just 29 days, from August 14 to September 11, 2023, Proctor Football showcased their commitment to fundraising for their season. The full team’s participation on kickoff day, powered by the Coaches' rallying support, set the tone for a high-impact, concentrated campaign.

Cheers from the Sidelines: Positive Feedback

Praise was unanimous, with Fundraising Coach Matt Curtis highlighting the streamlined process for tracking sales and donations in the Gold Athletics App. The ease of the GA App and the clear success have ensured it's on the playbook for the following year. Their game plan is one that can be replicated. The key to duplicating Proctor's success is clear: leadership engagement. When Coaches convey the fundraiser's significance, teams are motivated to participate actively. The Gold Athletics App also plays a vital role, simplifying sales.

The Winning Numbers Breakdown:

In their time-limited drive, Proctor Football achieved:

$12,900 Raised

516 Gold Cards Sold

114 Team Members Involved

1,982 Emails Sent via The GA App

In Summary

Proctor Football has set a precedent with their unity and dedication to a collective gold cards fundraising goal. This case study showcases what can be achieved with the right blend of leadership, community engagement, and strategic use of technology.

Ready to score big with Gold Athletics? Connect with your local fundraising coach here.



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