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Guide to Ship-To-Home Fundraising Products

There’s so much to love about ship-to-home fundraising products and we want to share that with you! The Gold Athletics product catalog has a range of products and deals that any supporter will want to jump on. We’ve put together a brief outline of offerings, complete with questions and answers to guide you through what ship-to-home products are all about. You can reference this guide before heading out to sell or to learn about awesome products for a great cause.

How does Gold Athletics source product vendors?

We have a strict process to ensure our partners' product and processes meet our standards. Their values for customer satisfaction must match ours. We work with both local and international product vendors.

What is the selection process for vendors?

Our product acquisition team works on the outreach and approval process for vendor partners.

WHAT IS unique about the products we include?

We love variety! One thing we make sure is that Gold Athletics manages all shipping and logistics so you don’t have to.

How does ship-to-home work?

Orders are processed online so that you can focus on selling… not shipping and logistics. Students will never have to hand-deliver a product again!

What are the benefits of ship-to-home?

Efficiency, nationwide outreach, and delivery speed! Supporters orders are out-the-door within 48 hours. To hit more customers while fundraising, saving time and energy on things like logistics makes a huge difference.

When did we introduce ship-to-home?

Gold Athletics started shipping to customers in 2017. During COVID is when we really took a company initiative and focused on improving all our products and processes. We launched the GA app to streamline these processes as part of our ‘COVID’ pivot.

WHERE IS THE full product LINE-UP?

Reach out to Gold Athletics and we will pair you with a fundraising coach to review the complete “product line-up”. In the meantime. learn more about Gold Cards, Gold Tickets, Gold Rush Online Donations and Products including Popcorn, Coffee, Beef Jerky, Cookie Dough, Home Decor, Chocolates and Customized Tumblers on our website.

Will our PRODUCT catalog be growing?

Our product catalog is constantly evolving. The goal is to run different fundraisers in a school even if we are working with all athletics in all seasons, multiple times a year!


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