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The New Sweet Spot For Supporters

Fundraising with COOKIE DOUGH!

The proof is in the pudding… or in this case, the cookie dough! Gold Athletics’ is partnered with the ultimate Cookie Dough creators to bring fans the simplest, most delicious sweets: Ready-to-bake Cookie Dough!

The Sweetest Way to Support Your Team

Over a dozen shelf-stable flavors of ready-to-bake cookies can go from frozen to finished in 15 minutes. No matter where fans are located, supporters can join in on the fun through our online sales platform. Our online sales platform instantly increases your team’s fundraising abilities by allowing out-of-town supporters to make a monetary donation or purchase products online with direct shipping! Shipping times for supporters is so fast that if they order in the beginning of a fundraiser, they have plenty of time to bake a batch of cookies and order more by the time the fundraiser ends.

Keep reading to see how top-selling cookie dough treats took these teams fundraisers above & beyond:

South Shore VT Spring Athletics

Total Raised: $35,288

Total Raised $25,948

West Springfield Wolverines Youth Football

Total Raised $25,031

Uxbridge Football Spring Fundraiser

TOTAL Raised $17,045

Oliver Ames Softball

TOTAL Raised $16,545

As with all of our programs, Gold Athletics comes to you and takes care of all the details, motivating everyone to kick off a successful fundraiser. As orders are placed, cookie dough products are drop-shipped directly to supporters for a quick delivery. One of our fundraising coaches is always available to ensure that teams and programs get exactly what they need – quality products and dedicated service. Ready to start your team's cookie dough fundraiser? Contact Gold Athletics today.

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