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Top 5 Biggest Sports Fundraising Trends in 2022

As the economy, technology, and daily lifestyle trends continue to evolve, sports fundraising trends pop up to help teams adapt. Some of the trends listed in this post are new, but some are not. Thanks to the pandemic, many of these found popularity. Teams that ignore these trends are in danger of not reaching their full potential and maximizing their season.


Here are the top five sports fundraising trends we are seeing this year in 2022:

  • Flexible Giving Options

    • Some people have only a few dollars to spare, while others have more. Having a range of giving options makes the fundraiser more accessible to more people.

  • QR Codes & Selling Online

    • More accessible

    • DisneyLand National Discounts! With national discount networks, you can sell discount cards for services and products from all over the country.

  • Convenient trackable giving options for donors (Text-to-give options)

    • Have you ever sent a simple text to donate to a cause you care about? Visited a direct link? These are the easiest, quickest and most convenient ways for supporters to give.

      • Discuss web-links, social sharing on Twitter, etc. how easy we make it for players to provide donors with the straight forward links which make fundraising quick and gratifying.

  • Community Centric Fundraising

    • Peer to peer giving is a big trend in 2022 because it works. Raising funds from friends, family, and social networks will turn them into advocates for your cause. More people will come to know about your organization and you’ll build new relationships.

  • Hybrid Model: Door to Door OR Online Ship-To-Home Sales options

    • No longer doing school deliveries. We ship directly to customers. Gold Athletics offers ship to home so customers receive their products during the season, and have the opportunity to re-order and support the fundraiser further WHILE the season is still happening!


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