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4 Benefits of Fundraising Every Coach Loves

It’s common for coaches to dread “fundraising time.” The stress of planning and organizing a fundraiser for high school athletes can feel like an added burden. For even the most organized coaches, having all the necessary funds to invest in your team and the season while trying to motivate players to go out and sell can feel overwhelming. For your athletes it can be the same – trying to convince family, friends, and neighbors to invest into a fundraiser for their team on top of practices, school work, and social lives is a lot! The same old fundraiser every season can start to feel monotonous. These athletes can easily lose sight of the bigger picture: better training, better equipment, less out of pocket expenses, and ultimately the difference between a good and a great season.


We know the financial burdens of coaching a team, and we understand the struggle of trying to raise money year after year for your program, on top of athletic programs falling victim to funding cuts. So, here are a few benefits every coach loves about fundraising:

We lay the foundation! Less work for you!

  • Once you’re signed on with a fundraising Coach, a game plan is laid out for you.

Get expert advice

  • Just focus on keeping your team motivated and our fundraising coach will do the rest!

Manage your entire fundraiser in one place: The GA App

  • Track sales as they come in!

  • View players progress in real time

  • Send reminders to players

  • Claim prizes for players throughout each stage of the fundraiser

Make players, parents, and supporters happy! These funds benefit everyone involved

  • New gear, equipment and field/court repairs make for happier players

  • Relieve parents of out-of-pocket costs


Gold Athletics is aware of the pressure each coach undergoes to produce a winning team. It’s not a simple task to give athletes space to grow, develop new skills and a winning season. That is why Gold Athletics isn’t just any fundraising partner – we are a team of coaches who have been in the industry for years, and know exactly how exhausting fundraising can be. We’ll be there every step of the fundraiser with you.


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