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Cheese & Charcuterie

unique flavors, simple ingredients

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Our unique partnership with a family-owned Wisconsin cheesemonger is innovating cheese-making with their own cold-smoking methods, preserving texture and enhancing flavor. They explore diverse flavor combinations to create exceptional meats, cheeses, and accompaniments!  All products are vacuum-sealed and temperature-safe during transit. For ultimate freshness, unpack and refrigerate upon arrival.

The GA App will instantly increase your team’s fundraising abilities by allowing your out-of-town supporters to make a monetary donation or purchase charcuterie products online with direct Ship to Home!


As with all of our programs, Gold Athletics takes care of all the details, motivating everyone to kick off a successful fundraiser.  As orders are placed, they are drop-shipped directly to your supporters for a quick delivery. 


A Gold Athletics fundraising coach is always available to ensure that your group gets exactly what they need – quality products and dedicated service.

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