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Savory & Sweet Trail Mix

tons of Delicious Trail Mix snack options

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Trail Mix

Our Trail Mix is sold in 16oz and 12oz bags or 8oz double packs, with both savory and sweet options. This tasty fundraiser offers something for everyone, from snacks for practice to games to roadtrips. Variety packs are also available and can be combined with our coffee fundraiser.

In addition, our GA App instantly increases your team’s fundraising abilities by allowing your out-of-town supporters to make a monetary donation or purchase products online with direct Ship to Home!


As with all of our programs, Gold Athletics comes to you and takes care of all the details, motivating everyone to kick off a successful fundraiser.  As orders are placed, they are drop-shipped directly to your supporters doorstep for a quick delivery. 

A Gold Athletics fundraising coach is always available to ensure that your group gets exactly what they need – quality products and dedicated service.

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