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we don't just talk the talk. we walk the walk.


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our community involvement

Gold Athletics promotes collaboration and community – and we actively participate, too.


We award scholarships, sponsor clinics and tournaments, and donate our time and energy in all of our territories every single year. It’s important to us to show our genuine appreciation for the coaches, athletes, and local businesses who contribute to our success.  

- MHSFCA: We grew from roots planted in Massachusetts soil, and take great pride in our relationship with the Massachusetts High School Football Coaches Association (MHSFCA). It has been a tremendous partnership, and we look forward to our involvement for years to come.

- Northeast 7x7:  As a premiere sponsor of an epic annual summer football tournament,  our local Fundraising Coaches support and personally attend to cheer on teams from all over New England.

- Coaching Clinics: We are annual vendors and ongoing participants in a number of Northeast regional coaches clinics:


- World Baseball and Softball Coaches Conference

- The Soccer Champions Coaches Clinic

- Big New England Football Coaches Conference

- New England Football Coaches Clinic

- Be The Best Coaches Clinic

- and many more....

We also love to participate in team-driven golf tournaments - either with hole sponsorships, raffle items, donating gear for participants, and you'll even catch us playing in a foursome alongside the other supporters!  We like to have a little fun while we give a little back.

We’re always looking to strengthen our relationships with coaches and our knowledge of their communities.


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