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we've raised the bar for our teams


Melissa Gramuglia

Belchertown Girl's Volleyball

I really liked that because we couldn't do a blitz day, we did a phone/email blitz instead. It really helped to push us over the edge and get our goal for funds raised for our program. Our Fundraising Coach was very timely in responding to questions or concerns, and communication with him was frequent throughout the whole process.


Matt Gingrich

Annville-Cleona Football

I think our Fundraising Coach is one of the best people that I have ever worked with in any capacity. He works hard, and I always feel that we are in it together. Our Fundraising Coach always does what he says he will do, and is super reliable. I will work with him at any time!


Benjamin Gagnon

Narragansett Regional Middle School Football

Our Fundraising Coach has always been a professional when working with our team. He is enthusiastic and can get the kids fired up about fundraising. I have worked with him for about 10 years and every year he provides us with an exceptional experience.

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Kerry Ludeking

Vernon Softball

Our Fundraising Coach went above and beyond, he was probably the most patient person I have ever worked with. He worked hard and showed care towards this group with paying attention to all details. I hope to work with him again!


Nick Hannigan

Hanover Boy's Basketball

Our Fundraising Coach's constant communication with my athletes and myself was and always has been outstanding. He always gives great incentives and advice to our team about how to maximize our fundraiser.


Justin Franczek

Chicopee Comp Baseball

Our Fundraising Coach is great and does a great job of keeping us on task and checking in through out the fundraiser. Our profit was spent on a game at Dunkin Donuts Park in Hartford, new field screens and apparel for the team.

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