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Answers to our most common inquiries

How much does it cost to run a fundraiser?

All of our fundraisers are entirely RISK FREE. It costs you nothing upfront to partner with us, and we don’t accept payment until the fundraiser is complete.



What percentage of the funds does my team profit?

Your profit percentage depends entirely on the fundraising program your team runs, and the plans are completely transparent from the start. Most importantly, Gold Athletics is responsible for running the entire program from start to finish. We work hard for you and alongside you, but we are only compensated after your team profits.



Who acquires the deals from businesses on the Gold Cards and Gold Tickets?  

Our Merchant Team is responsible for pursuing and securing all of the partnerships with local and national businesses for our Discount Product programs. We take pride in our long-standing relationships with many of the retailers and service providers in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions, and we secure a contract each year to guarantee validity. Also, it is 100% FREE for businesses to participate, so it’s a “win” for them, too.



Are we charged for what is printed but not sold? What do we do with unsold product?

We always print more product than necessary – to ensure there is enough for all the athletes to sell as many as possible - so the team is not penalized for unsold units. Gold Athletics pays all design, print, and ship costs. We only require that you return all the unsold product to your Fundraising Coach.



Where can I find more information on the edible fundraising products?

We have detailed nutritional facts on our Cookie Dough and Gourmet Popcorn products, and all packaging clearly indicates the inclusion or exclusion of common allergens per FDA guidelines. If you would like information on a specific product or product line, please fill out our Contact Form or email with your request.

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