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Answers to our most common questions

Coaches & Team Leaders

How to I join my fundraiser on the app?​

Let's get started! Before the fundraising Kickoff meeting, your Fundraising Coach will you the campaign join code that allows coaches and team leaders special access to the campaign stats dashboard. From here, you can view product details, monitor team progress, send messages to your group, and edit sale and reward details. Still having trouble? Email us to let us know how we can help:



What happens to the sales I personally log or earn?

First off - thanks for doing the work! Great team leaders lead great teams.  You can "assign" your sales to any player on your team. That way, you can help a strong seller, team captain, or randomly selected participant get closer to their individual goal and the next earned Reward! All you have to do is tap "Unassigned Sales" on your campaign dashboard, select as many sales as you like, and select a participant to assign them to. Those participants will instantly see an increase in their individual sales.



How do I send messages to my teams?

Log into your account, select the campaign, and tap the "Messages" icon. Tap "Compose" at the bottom right, and type the subject and body of your message in the designated fields.  The message will be sent to your team right away, and they'll receive a push notification that there's a message waiting for them in the app.  Team messages are a great way to communicate important fundraiser details, remind your team of checkpoint or blitz dates, or send encouraging words to boost confidence!



How do I claim an earned Reward for a participant in my campaign?

If a participant earns a reward, they must also CLAIM it by specifying sizing or other details.  A push and email notification is sent to them, but as the fundraiser nears an end, one or two people may still have forgotten to claim a Reward,  You can make sure your team gets ALL the prizes they earned by claiming that reward for them.  All you have to do is tap the "Rewards" section of the campaign dashboard, and you will land on the "Pending;' tab of the Rewards reporting.  If there are any Rewards that remain unclaimed, you can claim them on behalf of the participant.



How quickly will our supporters receive their products?

If the supporter paid cash or check to a participant, they should have received their product from them at the time of the transaction.  If they supported with an online purchase, it depends on the product. Our manufacturers ship on different schedules from various locations nationwide.  Some will arrive within 3 days, some will arrive in 10.  No matter what, 99% of purchases arrive within 14 calendar days of the date of purchase.  If this was not the case for one of your supporters, please ask them to email us right away at


What do I do when the campaign has ended?

This is the best, most fantastic part of using our app.  Your hard work is done, and the end of the fundraiser is here.  Now, will you chase down your players for their hoodie sizes? Nope. But will you tally a stack of brochures by hand and mix up piles of loose cash? Also nope.  Our app has been taking care of these details all along.  Once the fundraiser ends, your Fundraising Coach will contact you with all the information you need to wrap it up, depending on if your group was selling products that are distributed in-person or ship-to-home. 



When will our team receive our Earned Rewards?

Your group's Rewards are custom ordered at the end of your fundraiser, decorated with your organization's logo in the sizes your participants requested. For these reasons, production time can sometimes take up to 4 weeks. Generally speaking though, you will receive the Rewards within 3 weeks of the end date of the fundraiser!​


When will I receive my fundraiser profits?​

Only the most important question there is!  Payments are issued within 7 days of the fundraiser closing, and paper checks are mailed via USPS - usually arriving within 5 days in the continental U.S.  If you require an expedited or specialized form of payment, have questions about team checks, or need to connect us to your group's money manager, please give our Accounting team a shout at​​


How do I share  a  fundraiser  on social media?

Thanks for asking! Your team's fundraising proceeds grow exponentially when the community is happy to share the information. Just navigate to the campaign page that was shared with you by the participant, and scroll down until you see that participant's fundraising $$ goal. Underneath the "Support Us Now" button, tap the icon of the social media platform you wish to share on.  A pre-populated template message makes it simple to share with your network. It's as easy as that.


How do I donate to a fundraiser?

Monetary donations are welcome on nearly all of our team's fundraising campaigns. Some will show "Donations" of specific values as a standalone product in the fundraiser.  Some will allow an "Additional Donation" to be made at checkout if purchasing one of the team's ship-to-home products.  Ultimately, it is up the each organization to decide with their Fundraising Coach if adding a donation option suits their goals.


Can I donate to a fundraiser that has closed?

Once the fundraiser has ended, online payments gateways have been closed for the campaign and participants have limited access to the "Log Sales" feature on their selling app. Unfortunately, late donations are not typically accepted. However, there are certain circumstances that can be accommodated. Please contact to see if we can assist with your specific request.


Can I donate by cash or check? 

Yes! If you are supporting a team that is selling products in-person - typically our Gold Card or Gold Ticket products - then cash and check payments are accepted.  The participants are responsible for logging each sale through the Gold Athletics app, and are held accountable for all cash/checks they receive.


Did my donation process?

If you are making a purchase online via credit card payment, a receipt will be sent automatically to the email address provided at checkout. If you are paying in person via cash or check, let the seller know that you would like a receipt, provide them with your email address, and they can enter it in for an automatic purchase confirmation email to be sent.


When will my product arrive?

If you paid cash or check to a participant, or if you paid by credit card and selected "Opt Out Of Shipping", you should have received your product from them at the time of the transaction.  If you supported with an online purchase with shipping, it depends on the product. Some will arrive within 3 days, some will arrive in 10.  No matter what, 99% of purchases arrive within 3 weeks of the date of purchase.  If this was not the case for you, please email us right away at


How do I use the Gold Cards/Gold Tickets?

Great question! We get this all the time.

  • If you purchased a Gold Card or Gold Ticket, the card/ticket itself is ready to use. No activation or registration required. Simply present the card/ticket at the local businesses who offered a deal or discount, and they will honor it. 

  • Did you want to check out our national online discount network at thousands of additional retailers? Visit us HERE and click SIGN UP at the top right. Enter your name and email address, and provide the Registration Code provided on the top panel of your Gold Card/Gold Ticket. You're ready to redeem. Let the savings begin!


Can I receive a refund on my donation or purchase?

Since your purchase supports a fundraising campaign, we are not typically able to issue refunds. But did your product arrive damaged? Did it not arrive at all? Gold Athletics will replace it. Please email us at right away.


Is my online payment secure?

Very.  We use 128-bit encryption via Stripe, PayPal, or Apple Pay - ensuring the highest data security available. 


Is my donation  tax-deductible? 

All payments flow through Gold Athletics money-management systems before the organization receives their profits to ensure the security and accuracy of all payment data.  Since Gold Athletics is not a 503(c)(3) organization, your donation is not tax deductible.


If I’m purchasing on someone else’s behalf, how do I edit the supporter info to show their name?

We are working with our development team on providing this option in the near future.  As it stands currently, returning supporters information is recognized by the phone number they provide – donations from friends/family that would like to be recognized individually can simply provide a unique phone number at checkout! We hope to introduce the opportunity to edit this information soon.

players & participants

Where can I find my join code?

At the fundraising campaign Kickoff meeting, your Fundraising Coach will give everyone the campaign join code.  If you miss the Kickoff, get in touch with your Coach - they'll help you get set up. Still having trouble? Email us to let us know how we can help:



I created my account and joined my fundraiser. Now, what do I do? 

This is when the magic happens.

  • First, tap "Invite More Emails" at the bottom of your campaign dashboard. Enter all the email addresses you came prepared with, separated by a comma or on a new line, and hit "Send". 

  • Next, tap "Text/Share" and send the pre-populated campaign share message to absolutely everyone that might offer support by making a purchase.

  • Then sit back and watch the sales roll in!​


How do I change my profile details? 

You can do this anytime in the app by navigating to your Profile and tapping the Edit button next to your name. From here, you can upload a new picture or make changes to your name and phone number.​


I'm a parent - how do I manage one - or more - child account(s)?

 There is a simple way to manage your children's accounts:  Each child should sign up for their campaign using a different email address, and invite you to the fundraiser as a parent. (Upon signup, the participant is prompted to add a parent. This step can be skipped to return to later.  If it is skipped, it can later be accessed by logging into their account, navigating to settings, and selecting "Add Parents".  Once you accept the parent invitation, you will be able to toggle between child accounts to share out each of their unique links via text, email, or social media.  


How do I reset my password?

Forget your password? No problem.

  • On the Login screen, tap Forgot Password.  Enter the email address associated with your account.

  • An 8-digit temporary password will be sent to that email address.

  • Highlight and copy it - you can then return to the Login screen and paste it into the Password field. 

  • You'll be prompted to confirm the temporary password and select a new password for your account.​

Already in the app and want to change your password?

  • Navigate to the Settings tab and tap on Change Password.

  • Don't forget - all password require at least one letter, one number, and one special character.


How do I change the sizes or specifics of the Rewards I earned?

From your Campaign Dashboard, select the fundraising campaign you want to make this change in. Tap the Earned Reward you would like to change, and make your edit.


When will I receive my Rewards?

Your rewards are custom created at the end of your fundraiser, decorated with your organization's logo in the sizes you specify. For these reasons, no returns or exchanges can be accepted, and production time can take up to 3.5 weeks. Generally speaking, teams will receive their rewards within 3 weeks of the end of the fundraiser!​


How do I see the results of the fundraiser?

As a participant, you can view progress toward your individual goal any time from the app dashboard.​ Your Coach or Team Leader can view overall progress throughout the campaign, and an end results report is available once the fundraiser is complete. 



How do I log an in-person sale?

Simple! Open the GA app, log in to your account, and select the campaign you wish to log a sale for.

  • At the bottom left, tap "Log Sales" and use the ( + / - ) buttons to select the number of products your supporter is purchasing. 

  • At the bottom right, tap ​"Place", and you'll be brought to the order detail screen. Fill out all the applicable details, especially Email Address if the supporter would like a receipt.

  • Choose their method of payment, and tap "Complete" at the bottom right.


My supporter wants to pay by credit card, and I can give them their Gold Card/Gold Ticket

in person. Is that OK?

Absolutely. The best way to do this is to ask your supporter to select "OPT OUT OF SHIPPING" on the order screen when they make their purchase. When they checkout it will skip right over the section that collects their shipping information. That way, they aren't charged for shipping AND you can hand-deliver their product.


How do I use my unique QR code?​​

Are you selling in-person but your supporter doesn't have cash or a check, and asks to pay by credit card? QR Code to the rescue! 

  • Tap "QR Code" at the bottom right of the campaign dashboard. Your custom QR code will open on the screen.

  • Ask the supporter to open the Camera app on their phone, and hover the camera over your QR code.

  • A link will appear on their phone once the QR code is recognized, inviting them to your unique selling site.

  • The supporter can easily select the product(s) they'd like to purchase, and can even OPT OUT OF SHIPPING if you have the product in-hand and plan to deliver it to them yourself.

  • Once they provide their billing information, the sale has been logged and automatically credited to you! 


Can I send messages to my team?

Coach can send you and your teammates messages to inform you of important fundraiser dates, notify you of any changes to the campaign, and cheer you on! Right now, players and parents cannot message back,


What if one of my supporters has a question I can't answer?

Check our Supporter FAQ section to see if there is a quick answer you can provide. If not, please contact your coach or email us anytime: ​

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