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$22,000 Raised with Time To Spare: How One Team Achieved Fundraising Goals Ahead of Schedule

Case Study: $22,000 in Two Weeks with Gold Athletics' Gold Rush Online Donation PlatfoRm

Gold Athletics is pleased to present a successful case study of one Gold Athletics Gold Rush donation fundraiser conducted by Fundraising Coach Rob Lunenfeld, in support of Northeast Softball. The fundraiser exceeded its goal of $22,000 within just two weeks, thanks to the generous support of their enthusiastic supporters.

"Effort equals success if you run this program correctly it will make your program a lot of money."

- Rob Lunenfeld, Fundraising Coach

Finished Early with Flying Colors

To begin with, the fundraiser was made up of 27 athletes; A significant number of teammates considering the short duration of the fundraising period of three weeks, which later turned into two. This number of supporters played a crucial role in achieving the fundraising goal within two weeks. Remarkable for any fundraiser. The fundraiser was stopped early, as they reached their set goal in record time. It goes to show the tremendous support the team received from supporters.

Their two-week long fundraiser was conducted with an average contribution of $815 per player, which is impressive as it is above their initial goal. Without even considering that this fundraising period was relatively short, contributions over $500 are higher than the average for similar fundraisers conducted through similar, competitor fundraising Apps. The high contribution rate is a testament to the fact that supporters were enthusiastic about supporting the Northeast Softball cause and their team was committed to achieving their goals, together.

their main way to raise? The GA App

The GA App provided the Northeast Softball team with a comprehensive fundraising experience. Not only for their Head Coach, but their supporters, too. Their Coach was able to access our campaign stats dashboard to view fundraiser progress in real-time, monitor individual player activity, send messages, and edit reward details. They assigned sales to each Northeast Softball player on the team, earned and claimed rewards for a participant, and communicated important fundraiser details via team messages. The GA App also simplifies the process of sharing fundraisers on social media, donating to a fundraiser, and claiming rewards for players.

One of the key factors behind the successful fundraiser was the strong support from the community. The community came forward and contributed to the fundraiser, which helped surpass the fundraising goal. It is noteworthy to mention that the fundraiser ended early because they had incredible support from their supporters.

In conclusion, Rob L's donation fundraiser for Northeast Softball was a resounding success. The fundraiser raised more than $22,000 within two weeks, thanks to the strong support of the community. With an average contribution of $815 per player, the fundraiser surpassed the average rate for similar fundraisers conducted through an app. The support shown by the community is commendable and demonstrates the power of the community in achieving a common goal.

Q&A with Fundraising Coach Rob Lunenfeld:

Q: What inspired the Northeast Softball team to organize a fundraiser?

The Coach. He is amazing and needed a lot of money to be able to get items the team needed.

Q: What were some of the most effective fundraising strategies used by the Northeast Softball team? Where will the money go?

They were striving for updates to their facility.

Q: How did the team keep track of donations and contributions during the fundraiser?

Their Coach was watching players' fundraising progress everyday on the GA App

Q: Were there any unexpected challenges that the team faced during the fundraiser? How did they overcome these challenges?

There weren’t any challenges. It was a very short and sweet fundraiser.

Q: How did the team spread the word about the fundraiser?

Coach reminded them everyday about the sale. He kept on them and that was crucial.

Q: How did the team celebrate and recognize the effort they put in after the fundraiser ended?

I believe whoever brought in the most got a new bat, and there was a dinner celebration.

Q: How will the funds raised be used to benefit the Northeast Softball program?

Updates to their facility that will benefit them for seasons to come.

Q: What lessons did the team learn from organizing and executing this successful fundraiser?

Leadership and commitment

Q: How can other sports teams and organizations use the Northeast Softball fundraiser as a model for their own fundraising efforts?

Here is the main word: Put the effort in.

Q: What advice would you give to others who are planning a similar fundraiser?

Make sure the kids are registered ahead of time. As coaches always keep score with the Coach view in the GA App to make sure the players are achieving their goal of $500 raised. Effort equals success if you run this program correctly it will make your program a lot of money.



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