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5 Benefits of Fundraising Every Team Loves

Sports fundraising is important for a multitude of reasons — not just the bottom line. While it is a top priority for a supported season, there are a slew of other benefits that come as a result of fundraising. These include building camaraderie, bringing in new supporters and increasing engagement across your community.

Keep reading to learn about some of the benefits teams love when it comes to fundraising together:

  • Build camaraderie and get players involved - When players work together off the field, they feel more committed to collective goals. For instance, without getting involved in the experience together during a fundraiser players may not become as close to each other early on in the season.

  • Expand your network of fans and supporters - Sustain growth and support for current and future efforts, not only as it relates to fundraising goals but with fan’s support throughout the season, as well.

  • Increase engagement among donors - Fundraisers naturally build support from local supporters around your team and season of involvement.

  • Pave the foundation for team-building and enthusiasm - Fundraising events are the starting point for building face-to-face trust with your players and solidifying relationships with families, teams and your community.

  • Improve people skills and life skills - Coaches want their students out in their community to shake hands and meet supporters in person. We have some of the best technology out there with a link to send via email— but there’s also a QR code which requires the players to go out and get their funds. The GA App gives students the opportunity to sell from their couch, but they now will have the opportunity to get out of their comfort zone. Have students ask for support, in-person, and sell something that will provide value to other families! Especially friends and family who you don’t see all the time. Catch up with them on what your team is up to …. And , Don’t be afraid of rejection!

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