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5 Skills That Guarantee Success During A Fall Fundraiser

Many players entering a fundraiser for the first time aren't certain what qualities they need to raise money together. Do you have to be good at selling? Do you have to know how to market the products? Fortunately, the short answer is: no.

Often one hears that youth sports and high school sports fundraising is really just sales or marketing to everyone you know. Being a good salesperson or a good marketer may be helpful in fundraising, but there is far more to the task than sales and marketing– there are plenty of strategies to understand... and, Gold Athletics can help. Read on to learn about the five skills that guarantee player success during a fall fundraiser:

  1. Have a Supporter List Ready - Know your family and their emails, addresses, phone numbers. Our online system will allow you to reach out to them with a click of a button.

    1. Note: You're guaranteed half of your sales if you have a list of people who love you and you know will support.

  2. Commit to Progress - Take it one sale at a time. Check your status on the GA App daily and know where you stand. Understanding your progress during a Fall Fundraiser will keep you on track with goals.

  3. Set Daily Goals - Have a quota that you want to reach by a certain time.

    1. Example: “I want to talk to 10 people, and sell at least 4 cards by Tuesday.”

  4. Keep Your Prizes in Mind - Go for the goals that you set for yourself and find what drives you! If it’s a prize you love, chances are that it will motivate you.

  5. Trust a Professional - Who said you had to fundraise alone? Allow a fundraising coach to guide your efforts and commitment with proven techniques from start to finish. We know which strategies work so you don’t have to start from scratch.

Ludlow Youth Football Prize Day

Adding a top-notch fundraising partner to your team’s season can make a big difference in helping your program grow and deliver more results in line with your mission.

There’s a lot to think about when you’re keeping a team motivated to make this happen, and often, you’ll need to assess whether each player has the right guidance around strategy — luckily, it is completely risk-free. Honing in on these five skills can help your program deliver effective, and engaging campaigns that resonate with players and help you to respond to the changing needs of your team. Here at Gold Athletics, we’re helping teams across the country raise funds and engage more supporters through our online platform, The GA App.

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