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7 Creative Tips To Motivate Players During a Fundraiser

Motivating players to fundraise can be tricky. After all, they didn’t try out because they love asking for money, yet their passion for their sport can be a highly effective motivator to help raise money. Successful fundraising campaigns require thoughtful planning and a strong understanding of how to motivate your players to crush their goals. At Gold Athletics, we put creative fundraising tips to the test every single season.


Here are the top seven tips we can give you to motivate your players:

1. Conditioning Passes

  • Getting a pass is like winning the lottery! Motivate players to compete for this rare prize.

2. Pizza nights for results

  • Boost morale and talk about results over pizza. Increase excitement around prizes and selling.

3. Additional phone blitz nights

  • Phone blitz nights are a great way to keep focused and moving towards the goal.

4. FREE gear

  • Everyone loves "free" gear. Give gear you would already be giving to the team as an incentive.

5. Reward players instead

  • Positive reinforcement works!


  • Think about prizes players actually want and offer them to top performers.

7. The app allows the teams to be split up. Get creative, have drafts!

  • Celebrate successes of players who have already hit a goal early.


Need ideas?

Here are a few examples of what coaches did

to help motivate their players.

Scott J Folmar from Chambersburg Baseball continuously encouraged the players to get out and sell the cards. Also reminded the players how nice the apparel is that they could receive for doing a good job with the fundraiser.


Laura Keim from Carlisle High School Softball made their own incentives for top sellers and spoke with the players everyday at practice.


Justin Franczek from Chicopee Comp Baseball offered additional merchandise to the student-athletes who sell a certain amount of cards.


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