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Auto-Texting DOUBLED Taunton Girls's Lacrosse Fundraising PROFITS YEAR OVER YEAR in 2024

Hey Coaches! If you’re looking for inspiration and some proven fundraising strategies, look no further than the Taunton Girls Lacrosse team for inspiration. In just 19 days, the girls smashed their fundraising goal, bringing in $16,550.00 against a target of $16,000.00 in just 19 days. Under the guidance of Fundraising Coach Matt Ross and Coach Adilson Galvao of Taunton Lacrosse, their spring fundraiser was about epic teamwork, strategy, and a little help from Gold Athletics' app features.

Taunton Girls Lacrosse Team - 2024. Credit: Taunton Lacrosse.
Taunton Girls Lacrosse Team - 2024. Credit: Taunton Lacrosse.

How Auto-Texting Brought Taunton’s Fundraising Strategy to the Next Level in 2024

Let’s talk about the tech that made this possible. The Gold Athletics app’s Auto-Texting feature was a game-changer for Taunton’s fundraising strategy. This nifty feature is a tool that made reaching out to potential donors a breeze, allowing the girls to add up to 50 contacts at once and send automated texts until folks donated or opted out.

From 2023 to 2024: Doubling Down on Success

To put this all into perspective, in 2023, the Taunton Girls Lacrosse team raised $9,880 in 21 days. Fast forward to 2024, and they brought in $16,550 in just 19 days. That’s nearly double the funds in less time, thanks to the Auto-Texting feature. Their drip text strategy significantly boosted profits, proving its worth in their fundraising arsenal.

Rallying for Success: The Fundraising Journey

Let's dive into how they did it. The fundraiser offered various donation levels, making it easy for everyone to pitch in. The top four types of online supporter donations were $25 PARTICIPANT, $50 FAN Donation, $75 VIP Donation, and $100 PREMIERE Donation. These options helped them rack up a whopping 327 online donations in total.

Outstanding Performance by "Top-Seller" Participants

Some players really led the charge, raising impressive amounts by rallying numerous supporters and sending out several emails. One standout raised $1,350 by engaging 27 supporters and sending 21 emails, setting a high bar with some serious hustle in under three weeks. Others followed closely, with amounts of $1,100 and $1,000 raised through a combination of 19-23 supporters and emails.

Selfie with Taunton Girls Lacrosse Team - 2024. Credit: Taunton Lacrosse.
The Taunton Girls Lacrosse Team 2024

The Important Role of Email & Text Outreach

One major takeaway? Email and text outreach is key. Players who consistently reached out via email saw big returns. Olivia Espada raised $850 with just 21 emails sent, and Rayah Horton brought in $825.00 with 19 emails. These results show just how powerful a simple email can be in rallying support. The Taunton Girls Lacrosse team's efforts prove that every supporter contact (email AND phone number) counts when it comes to hitting team fundraising goals.

Instant Connection, Effortless Reach

With Auto-Texting, the manual task of individual outreach was history. This feature broadened their reach and kept supporters engaged with continuous reminders, reducing missed opportunities. The girls could focus on adding contacts while the app handled the follow-ups, ensuring a steady stream of communication.

Kick-off Meetings & The Role of Auto-Texting

Effective planning was crucial. After their kick-off meetings, players quickly added contacts into the system. The automated process meant every potential donor was nudged and informed, making fundraising smoother and less daunting.

Enhanced User Experience on the GA Youth Fundraising App

Our Auto-Texting feature has improved the user experience for players and supporters. With Venmo integration, donations were seamless and cashless, perfect for tech-savvy supporters. Plus, Gold Athletics’ commitment to data privacy reassured users about the safety of their info, fostering trust and encouraging participation.

The Gold Athletics App streamlines the Gold Rush Online Donation process for lacrosse fundraiser participants and supporters. 2024.
The GA App streamlines the Gold Rush Online Donation process for participants and supporters. 2024.

Read more on prioritizing Data Privacy in youth fundraising here

The success of the Taunton Girls Lacrosse fundraiser in 2024 shows the power of modern fundraising tools. The Auto-Texting feature of the Gold Athletics app played a pivotal role in maximizing outreach and engagement, making it an invaluable asset. As fundraising evolves, embracing innovative solutions like the GA App will be key to future successes.

Ready to revolutionize your fundraising approach? Dive into the GA App experience and be part of the change.


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