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Case Study: Youth Lacrosse Team Raises Over $32,700 with Gold Athletics Cookie Dough Fundraiser

How did Marshfield Youth Lacrosse Dominate With A Simple Cookie Dough Fundraiser? Keep reading to hear from Fundraising Coach Matt Ross on the keys to success and learn how to replicate their results in your hometown.

Photo from @marshfieldlacrosse on Instagram

Introduction: The Marshfield Phenomenon

The Marshfield youth lacrosse team, with the help of Fundraising Coach Matt Ross, transformed a simple cookie dough sale into an incredible fundraising triumph, amassing over $32,700 sold. This case study delves into their journey, strategies, and the role Gold Athletics played in this outstanding achievement.

Tasting Sweet Success: Marshfield's Fundraising Triumph

Marshfield’s success story is not just about selling cookie dough; it's a tale of community, dedication, and smart strategy. With 115 participants who sent out a total of 999 emails via the GA App, the team managed to engage 554 supporters, averaging 1.21 units per supporter purchase with an average order value of $59.09, cumulatively raising $32,737.53.

Behind The Triumph: A Word from Gold Athletics Fundraising Coach, Matt Ross

"Marshfield showcased an incredible level of dedication and enthusiasm. By leveraging the power of the GA App, they transformed their efforts into outstanding results. I couldn't be prouder of my hometown team for setting such a high benchmark. The journey doesn’t end here; we're ready for the next challenge!" – Matt Ross

By The Numbers: Breaking Down Marshfield's Achievement

Participants: 115

Total Emails via GA App: 999

Supportive Backers: 554

Avg. Units/Supporter: 1.21

Avg. Purchase Value: $59.09

Total Online Sales: $32,737.53

Photo from @marshfieldlacrosse on Instagram

Heartfelt Connection & The Taste of Victory

Beyond the numbers, this fundraiser held a special place in Matt Ross’s heart, enhancing the sense of community, connection, and heartfelt guidance throughout the campaign. The flavors that captivated Marshfield’s supporters were varied, but a few favorites clearly stood out:

Chunky Chocolate Chip: 211 tubs sold, a timeless classic

Even More Dough Double Packs: A hit, especially the Chunky Chocolate Chip & Oatmeal Raisin combo (58 packs) and the Chunky Chocolate Chip & MMM Candies duo (49 packs)

Oatmeal Raisin: Sold 37 units

These flavors, among others, were vital in making every cookie count in Marshfield’s sweet journey of fundraising.

Q&A: Insights from Fundraising Coach Matt Ross

1. Why did Marshfield Youth Lacrosse choose the Gold Athletics Cookie Dough fundraiser, and where are their funds being used?

"They had a previous relationship with me through another team, and they were raising money for equipment and indoor field time."

2. Which rewards were the team given, and how did it work with Marshfield youth and their coaches?

"They received slides and hoodies. We ensured that the rewards were fitting and appreciated by both the youth and the coaches."

3. Were there any unique strategies implemented that made a difference for Marshfield?

"Yes, I was able to do 3-4 different kick offs to make sure I could get in front of all the kids and parents. That made a difference when explaining the fundraiser and showing incentives – WE SHOWED UP!"

4. Did you receive any feedback from the Marshfield team, coaches, or parents on managing and tracking donations/sales?

"They were very pleased with the results and particularly appreciated our quick payment turnaround, which is significantly faster than many other companies."

5. Any pro-tips for other youth teams aiming for a fundraising win like this one?

"Effective communication and organization is key, especially since many players rely on their parents or guardians to handle fundraising. Keeping the league updated and making the fundraiser competitive can really drive success. Matt Scott did a great job of making it competitive and letting everyone know where they stood throughout the fundraiser"

6. How can other teams replicate Marshfield’s success with Gold Athletics?

"Get in touch with your local GA Representative. This approach can work for any group or team, and your rep will ensure your success, provided you follow the game plan. We promise a process that is both easy and profitable!"


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