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Celebrating 5 Years of Gold: MSSADA & Gold Athletics 5-Year Exclusive Partnership

As we mark the second year of our exclusive partnership with the Massachusetts Secondary Schools Athletic Directors Association (MSSADA), we celebrate not just a friendship with MSSADA members and leaders, but a shared vision for the future of athletics. Our collaboration with MSSADA, announced back in January 2023, has set a benchmark for commitment and mutual growth in all athletic programs throughout Massachusetts.

A Partnership Built on Solid Foundations

Our relationship with MSSADA began even before the exclusive five-year sponsorship, when Gold Athletics became the Official Podcast Sponsor of the MSSADA podcast in January 2022. This engagement allowed us to directly reach athletic directors, coaches, and the sports community, providing a platform for meaningful conversations on sports management and fundraising. Hosted by Matt Trahan and Keith Mangan, the podcast has been a fantastic outlet to discuss trends, challenges, and successes within MA athletic departments.

Active Presence at the MSSADA Annual Convention

An integral part of our partnership is our active participation in the MSSADA Annual Convention. For the past two years, Gold Athletics has not only attended but also set up a booth staffed with some of our top Massachusetts Fundraising Coaches. This presence allows us to meet with coaches in person, discuss fundraising strategies, and share insights on how to maximize fundraising efforts effectively. Each year, our booth features a Raffle Giveaway of a custom NIKE Backpack, drawing significant attention and providing a fun, engaging way for visitors to connect with us.

Transformative Impact and Growth

"Our commitment to MSSADA and its members is built on a deep understanding of the needs of athletic teams," Fran Whitten, Executive Director of the MSSADA, noted. "Gold Athletics brings a high level of professionalism and experience, providing our member schools’ coaches, boosters, and athletic departments with a reliable and proven source for team fundraising."

In 2023 alone, Gold Athletics launched over 471 new partnerships, directly benefiting more than 40,000 users through the innovative Gold Athletics fundraising app, with products like Gold Cards and gourmet popcorn as the enticing offers to supporters. Our fundraising coaches have raised significant funds, aiding programs in surpassing their financial goals with minimal effort and maximal impact.

Innovation & Engagement: Massachusetts Coaches, Boosters, and Athletic Departments

Innovation remains a cornerstone of our approach, with 2022 seeing the launch of new technologies like the GA App and Gold Deals+ app, which revolutionized how Massachusetts teams approach fundraising. These tools have been instrumental in simplifying the fundraising process, ensuring that athletes and coaches can focus more on sports and less on financial logistics.

Looking to the Future

As we continue our exclusive partnership with MSSADA, we are enthusiastic about the new horizons this will open up for both parties. "This partnership is integral to the success of our programming and allows MSSADA to continue our mission and reach even more individuals within the athletic administration field," said Matthew Trahan, MSSADA President.

Our Continued Commitment: MSSADA x Gold Athletics Exclusive Partnership 

We are immensely grateful for the trust and collaboration of MSSADA and everyone involved. MSSADA’s dedication inspires our ongoing commitment to enhancing athletic programs and supporting the development of student athletes.

As we celebrate this milestone, we invite the entire MSSADA community to engage, share your thoughts, and help us shape the future of athletic fundraising. Here's to continuing our successful partnership and exploring new opportunities together!


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