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Q & A with Coach Victor Rinaldi

What do you love most about your sport?

My father introduced me to baseball at a young age, around 4 or 5 years old. Coaching baseball gives me a chance to give back to a sport that gave so much to me. Spending time with the players has been great.


What was the biggest challenge you overcame this year with your team?

The biggest challenge we overcame this year was getting back to the state championship and finishing what we started the year prior. We had to get over the hump, after losing the state championship game last year it was tough competing against a lot of the same groups that came back.


What has been your greatest accomplishment?

Baseball is such a team sport. Winning together, state championship in 2016 and again this year. When everyone chips in is such a great feeling.


Where was your fundraising profit spent?

Profits were spent on apparel. We got nice apparel for the players prior to season beginning. We don't want to lay those costs on the players, so we bought supplies and equipment


Who is your greatest inspiration and why?

Nick Giaquinto - My College coach at Sacred Heart University. He played in the NFL for Dolphins and Redskins and hired me as an assistant coach at SH University. He's the one that encouraged me to get in to coaching.


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