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Interview with a Sales Rep: Featuring Matt Ross - Ep. 6

What do you enjoy most about being a Fundraising Coach?

The People - I love sports, I love coaches, and I appreciate what they do.

What is the best part about being a Gold Athletics Fundraising Coach?

The best part is being able to help teams. I love taking a burden off their plate, but also interacting with coaches & athletes. The unlimited amount of groups and competing to secure them is fun, too!

How would you describe the company culture at GA in a few (2 or 3) words?

Family. Honest. Helpful.

How'd you get into Sports Fundraising with Gold Athletics?

I started in the fundraising industry at the end of 2006 as an intern. I drove around Connecticut working on connecting with merchants and got a lot of experience in the industry. I ended up winning rookie of the year with the first company I was with, and then they went bankrupt. We all picked up the pieces and were able to start something special.

What didn’t you know before you started that you wish someone had told you?

Do not take anything for granted. Some of your best relationships and coaches eventually move on, you will sometimes have to reload and replace. Strong relationships and doing right by Coaches will make a long term impact, and make this job easier on the Rep side of things.

What would you tell someone hoping to enter the field?

If you can work hard, communicate well, and follow your promises. You will be great.

What is one thing that makes you a good fit for this job ? And one thing you are striving towards in your role?

I can relate to a lot of people. I can read people pretty well, and concentrate on making people feel comfortable. It sometimes bites me in the ass, but I would not change it. That's the sensitive side I got from my mother, ha!

What is changing the most in the fundraising industry?

Technology is changing the most. A balance of maintaining relationships and staying ahead of the curves. Gold Athletics has done a great job with that. We innovated during COVID when others took a break and that hard work has paid off.

How will your role evolve in five, or ten years? How will it get there?

We will continue to grow the company and territories we work within. I will be focusing on more management/oversight in years to come. For now, I like to do both.

What kind of person would do well in your role?

Driven, energetic, honest, hard-working people. If you enjoy the work you’re doing with Coaches, that’s a big plus and you will go far. The people that I know in the industry, stay in the industry long term if they work hard when they start since there is unlimited potential. Working with teams is straight-forward and rewarding. If you can benefit coaches AND enjoy what you do, given the highs and the lows, there is a high chance you will stay in the industry.

Keep up with Fundraising Coach Matt Ross on Twitter and connect on LinkedIn!

Twitter: @MattRossGold

LinkedIn: Matt Ross


ABOUT Gold Athletics is dedicated to career development while servicing the experience for not just Coaches, Supporters and Players, but employees and team members, too! The 'Interview with a Sales Rep' series was created to reach future employees and share GA's company culture, proudly. We are on a roll, sourcing top talent and showing the world what our team is made of. In order to build relationships with current and future reps, we are sharing our Fundraising Reps experience working with the team, about the industry and how we're making waves in today’s world of Sports Fundraising. Company culture is important to us and we want to share the in's and out's, on a more personal level!


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