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Interview with a Sales Rep: Featuring Tyler Morini - Ep.8

What do you enjoy most about being a Fundraising Coach in MA-East?

There are a lot of communities who are supportive of their teams in the area

What is the best part about being a Gold Athletics Sales Rep?

A lot of the time work doesn’t feel like work. Our coaches/clients become our friends a lot of the time.

How would you describe the company culture at GA in 2 or 3 words?

Innovative and supportive.

How'd you get into Sports Fundraising at Gold Athletics?

I was personal training after college for about a year. Then I came across an ad for Gold Athletics and thought it seemed up my alley

What didn’t you know before you started that you wish someone had told you?

There's more than one good solution to most of the situations we encounter

What would you tell someone hoping to enter the field?

Make sure that you like talking to people. The more you're able to put yourself out there, the more successful you'll be

What is one thing that makes you good at your job? Anything you are working on this year?

Follow through. I make sure that if I promise my coach something, we make it happen. I'm working on growing the amount of fall teams that I help.

What is changing the most in the fundraising industry?

The ability for virtually everything to be done by phone rather than in person

What is your favorite fundraiser to date? Why?

My favorite fundraisers to date have been with the Plymouth South Football team. They sell $30,000+ of popcorn every year and I graduated from there. It's great to see Coach Fru and the team have such success with everything in their program.

How will your role evolve in five, or ten years? How will it get there?

I will likely be taking over a lot more sales in the area and potentially managing some newer reps. I'll need to be on top of all our processes to make sure I'm giving my best to whoever I'm managing.

What kind of person would do well in your role?

Outgoing, self-motivated, competitive.

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ABOUT Gold Athletics is dedicated to career development while servicing the experience for not just Coaches, Supporters and Players, but employees and team members, too! The 'Interview with a Sales Rep' series was created to reach future employees and share GA's company culture, proudly. We are on a roll, sourcing top talent and showing the world what our team is made of. In order to build relationships with current and future reps, we are sharing our Fundraising Reps experience working with the team, about the industry and how we're making waves in today’s world of Sports Fundraising. Company culture is important to us and we want to share the in's and out's, on a more personal level!


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