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Severna Park Football's Path to $20K: How 85 Players Became One Formidable Force

Synergy On & Off the Field: How 85 Players Became One Formidable Force

When a team unites, results can be groundbreaking. Each of Severna Park’s 85 players united under a singular mission and didn't stop reaching until their goal was met.

Fundraising Coach Rob Lunenfeld's Winning Approach:

When Severna Park’s Football Coach Nick Mark, assisted by Fundraising Coach Rob Lunenfeld, set their eyes on a formidable $20,000 target in July, it wasn't just about the goal—it was about the journey. As fundraising veteran Rob emphasizes, "Effort equals success. If you run this program correctly it will make your program a lot of money." - Rob Lunenfeld, Fundraising Coach.

Community in the Lead: The Pillars Behind Severna Park’s Triumph

July 2023 saw an overwhelming surge of support for Severna Park’s fundraiser. Through every donation, whether monumental or modest, they steadily marched towards their $20,000 benchmark. A whopping 255 supporters rallied behind them, exemplifying that a team’s strength can be amplified by those cheering off the field. Time was tight, yet with every tick of the clock, the team showcased remarkable drive, leveraging each moment they had to contact friends & family.

Spotlight on a Crowd Favorite: Analyzing the “Participant” Tier

Severna Park's “Participant Donors” emerged as the crowd favorite. With 113 supporters, each generously contributing $25, its popularity stems from its affordability and the sense of inclusivity it offers. This tier echoes more than generosity—it exemplifies a direct and engaged commitment to the cause.

Donor Tiers & Why They Matter

Recognizing every level of support is important. Gold Athletics values each donation's significance and has thus meticulously crafted donor tiers to honor every level of contribution:

  • WORLD CLASS Donors - $1,000 Contribution

  • CHAMPION Donors - $500 Contribution

  • GAME CHANGER Donors - $250 Contribution

  • PREMIERE Donors - $100 Contribution

  • VIP Donors - $75 Contribution

  • FAN Donors - $50 Contribution

  • PARTICIPANT Donors - $25 Contribution

These tiers transcend monetary amounts, reflecting the trust, commitment, and passion each donor brings to the table.

The Final Score: More than a 5-FIGURE Number

The last day of their fundraiser on August 8, 2023 was defined not solely by the "$20,000 raised" and goal achieving milestone, but by their team's unwavering dedication, strategic forethought, and unparalleled community support.

Severna Park Football’s Game Plan for Victory

Fundraising Coach Rob Lunenfeld’s tried and true strategies, combined with the spirit of Severna Park Football, formulates more than a mere success story—it's a benchmark. To every coach: Your blueprint for triumph lies in Vision, Team Unity, Engaging the Community, and Unyielding Grit. Aim high and seize your championship moment with Gold Athletics this season!🏆

Q&A with Fundraising Coach Rob Lunenfeld

Q: Can you highlight some of the successful elements of your recent fundraiser?

Rob: One of the standout successes from our recent fundraiser was the usability of the application. Its user-friendly interface significantly facilitated our efforts, enabling a smooth and efficient fundraising process.

Q: Which feature of the Gold Athletics Application resonated with you the most and why?

Rob: Among the myriad of impressive features on the Gold Athletics Application, the social media integration truly stood out. This particular feature not only streamlined our communication efforts but also enhanced our outreach capabilities, making the entire process more engaging and interactive.

Statement: The profits will be allocated towards the teams quarter-zip sweatshirts.

Q: Were there any unforeseen results or outcomes from the fundraiser, especially in terms of your set goals?

Rob: Indeed, an intriguing aspect of our fundraising journey was that we precisely met our target, achieving exactly $20,000. It was a testament to the combined efforts of our team and supporters, and somewhat serendipitous to hit the mark so accurately.

Ready to emulate Severna Park Football's success & supercharge your fundraising efforts?

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