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Two Days In Boston with Gold Athletics: Team Meeting Highlights

The end of June marked an exciting milestone for the Gold Athletics team as thirty-five team members and partners from across different territories of the United States converged in the vibrant city of Boston.

This highly anticipated meeting of the minds served as a platform to discuss current operations, unveil new products, and review updates to fundraising options that will set the stage for an unforgettable Fall with new & existing teams and programs. From custom tumbler options and popcorn flavors to exploring new markets and unveiling thrilling gear packages, the Gold Athletics team left no stone unturned in the pursuit of fundraising excellence. Oh, and we captured some fun social media content while we were all together, too!

New Fundraising Products on the Horizon

Supporters Sipping in Style

CUSTOM TUMBLERS: On day one of the meeting, our team got to sample their own highly anticipated new custom tumbler! The discussions revolved around our upcoming range of options including laser engraved, double-wall stainless steel, pre=printed patterns, and so much more!

With a keen focus on personalization and functionality, these tumblers will not only represent team spirit but also make a statement wherever they go. From sleek designs to vibrant colors, our custom tumbler options are set to become the ultimate accessory for athletes and fans alike.

Tantalizing Flavors:
Popcorn, Jerky & Trail Mix

Additionally, popcorn enthusiasts and supporters will be delighted to learn about the array of new flavors available for ship-to-home fundraisers, with eye-catching new packaging for everything from popcorn to trail mix to beef jerky. We're particularly excited about the mouthwatering selection of new flavors and packaging carefully curated by our popcorn specialist partners exclusively for Gold Athletics that will leave supporters' taste buds craving more. Get ready to indulge in a burst of flavor with every bite as we bring a touch of gourmet goodness to the fundraising experience.



Asking for support via email can result in email fatigue. Now, instead of drowning in emails, supporters will get texts and reminder texts to support their favorite programs. And once they've supported their favorite team, they will not hear from us again. We're paying close attention and combatting supporter fatigue one text at a time. You can count on us to keep supporter data private; We put data privacy first, always.

Did you know that text messages have a significantly higher open and response rate compared to emails? In fact, studies show that text messages have an open rate of 98%, while emails typically hover around 20%. By leveraging the power of texting, Gold Athletics ensures that your supporters receive personalized and timely messages, making it easier than ever for them to contribute to your team's success. Say goodbye to email fatigue and hello to an effective and efficient way of engaging with your supporters.

Introducing Gold Fundraising

Expanding into Elementary School Horizons

Unleashing New Possibilities with PTO's: Our New Jersey-based Fundraising Coach, Bill Strickland, took center stage during our meeting to share how Gold Athletics will soon be servicing the Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) and elementary school market. Recognizing the importance of community involvement and supporting educational institutions, Gold Athletics is eager to offer fundraising services tailored specifically to PTOs, elementary students, their parents, and their classes. This strategic move will not only strengthen relationships within local communities but also empower schools to achieve their fundraising goals with our tried-and-true strategies.

As part of our commitment to innovation, the Gold Fundraising team revealed their plans to introduce exciting updates to our fundraising services. Leveraging cutting-edge techniques and technology, we are determined to provide a seamless experience for organizers and participants alike. Stay tuned for the unveiling of groundbreaking tools and resources that will revolutionize the fundraising landscape and empower organizations to exceed fundraising targets.

Unveiling the Future of Gold Gear

No Gold Athletics team meeting would be complete without Gold Gear updates, With new packages and improved prizes, we are excited to showcase an exciting array of updated offerings, promising to elevate team spirit and style to new heights. From premium materials to trendy designs, athletes can look forward to representing their team with pride and flair

The Gold Athletics team meeting in Boston was a gathering of minds, filled with excitement and anticipation for the upcoming Fall season. With custom tumbler options, delectable popcorn, jerky & trail mix flavors, expansion into the PTO market with Gold Fundraising, and innovative fundraising services, Gold Athletics is poised to redefine fundraising experiences.

Stay tuned as we embark on this journey, ensuring that athletes, organizers, and communities alike have all the tools and support needed to achieve greatness both on and off the field. Together, we will create a #RaiseTheGoldBar legacy that inspires and uplifts all who are part of the Gold Athletics family.

Ready to take your fundraising game to the next level? Join the Gold Athletics family today and let's achieve greatness together! Follow us on all our social media platforms for the latest updates, fundraising tips, and inspiring stories from teams like yours. Plus, don't forget to check out our other captivating blog posts that dive deep into the world of fundraising success.


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