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Tell This To Players Who Resist Selling

Coach, it’s common for players to “not want to fundraise”. Facing this challenge together means we must make a strong commitment between coaches and players to raising the necessary funds for your season goals. If one player gives excuses, so can the rest. Accepting excuses won’t get you far when it comes to commitment during this phase. Rejecting excuses is your first action.

If you believe in this fundraiser, so will they. They need to see how easy it is to participate. All of our fundraisers can be completed, by just adding friends, family and top supporters to the customer list in the GA App. Then, each message is automatically sent to those family and friends. Additionally, all Gold Athletics fundraisers have ship to home options, so there is literally no excuse for players not to submit a ”supporter list” on the app with the click of a button. It’s as easy as that!


Here’s what to say to players who just plain don’t want to participate and need a bit more excitement:

  • It’s quick and painless.

    • Remind them it is only 7-14 days. Our fundraising Coach will help make it as short, sweet and impactful as possible!

  • If you sell well, you will receive incentives like custom gear, rewards and other prizes!

    • Custom gear is sure to get players motivated.

  • The nature of our fundraiser is about teamwork. Show them that a stronger, better, more powerful team will be a result of a successful fundraiser for the rest of the season.


The “Why”

Just like the goal of winning your first conference game, championship, playoff, or state title, there is always a “Why” and end goal in sight. Players need to hear the “Why” about fundraising. Ask yourself and your team:

  • What will this fundraiser purchase?

  • What is each player's goal towards that purchase?

  • And, most importantly, how will it benefit them and the team once acquired?

There’s power in numbers and the more players on board with the vision, the more successful your fundraiser will be!


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