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Middle School Team Raises Nearly $50,000 with Gold Rush Online Donation Platform

The Massachusetts US Army Bowl Middle School team recently made it to the US Army Bowl, surpassing fundraising dollar goals in the tens of thousands and setting a new Gold Rush fundraising record. They covered partial expenses for their team's trip in just three weeks. So, how'd they make it happen in such a short time-period?

With Gold Rush Online Donations, they made the most out of a convenient, simplified way to fundraise. Various secure payment options, including Venmo, and strong data privacy for supporters built on the GA App's founding principles helped them turn loyal fans into donors. We asked one of their Coaches, Jim Bennett and Gold Athletics’ New England (East) Territory Sales Manager, Steve Ash all about what it took to achieve results like theirs.

Keep reading to learn more about their Gold Rush fundraiser making nearly $50,000 in just 3 weeks:

Firstly, what is the US Army Bowl and when was it?

The US Army Bowl is an East v West All-Star Game bringing the nation's best high school athletes together, held in Frisco, Texas from December 12th - 19th. It took place at the Ford Center at The Star, and was nationally televised on the Bally Sports Network. The Bowl Game served as the main attraction of “Bowl Week” and the team was very excited to attend. Game day is where the high school and college football world collide as the best athletes preview their ability to the college football world awaiting them. Middle School teams also invited to attend and compete against other Middle School programs.

How did the GA App Make Their Trip to Texas Possible?

Travel to Texas & registration expenses were partially covered from their profits. So, how'd they make it happen in such a short time period? With the Gold Rush Online Donation platform, their Coaches were able view and track player progress in real-time across the duration of each Fundraiser. Their Coaches were able to access performance statistics - and funds raised - in the palm of their hand within the GA App, while players were busy turning fans into supporters!

In comparison to alternative donation platforms, Gold Athletics can provide the absolute highest percentage of all donations raised – guaranteed! Plus, funds arrived to their team within days, not months. Through detailed tracking systems and accessible metrics on the GA App, their coaches were able to track progress and stay up to date with players activity on the GA App when it mattered most during those three critical weeks. We sat down with Fundraising Coach, Steve Ash, to hear about what made this fundraiser great. Here is what he had to say:

What was the most rewarding part of working with the Middle School team during the US Army Bowl / Gold Rush fundraiser?

"We surpassed the goal we were shooting for, so they got what they wanted out of the fundraiser!"

What is your favorite memory that stood out from the 3-week fundraiser?

"We recorded a video of the team on a Sunday night after their first practice all together. They were all super excited and it showed with how fast they got started with the fundraiser."

Has accepting various payment options, like Venmo, changed the modern fundraising experience for players? If so, how?

"Yes! Venmo makes it simple and easy for folks to give. It eliminates a lot of obstacles for everyone."

What do you owe your/the team's success to? Was it the technology, the commitment, the supporters, the strategy? Let us know!

"There are many reasons why this fundraiser was so successful. First, they had a common goal. Second, they had a real need. Third, mostly everyone got involved and grabbed the rope. Fourth, it was supported by everyone top to bottom. And lastly, the technology (GA App) made it simple for them to reach out to potential supporters and gave them great feedback on their progress and helped them stay on track."

What would you tell a team who is considering running a Gold Rush Online Donation-based Fundraiser for their team?

"Promote, promote, promote and reward those that meet and exceed expectations! Have a goal for the team and let each player know what is expected of them. Let everyone know why we are doing the fundraiser and get as much buy in as you can from players, parents, and coaches. "

Interested in fundraising for your program with our Gold Rush Online Donation Platform? Contact our team today here.

The Mass, Middle School US Army Bowl Team rode in style all the way to Texas & back thanks to cashing out quick with their three-week long #GoldRushFundraiser.

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