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Where do Teams Spend Their Fundraising Money

When you support a player’s fundraiser, every penny is put to good use. Teams need uniforms, sleds, and alternate uniforms this time of year. Some coaches who were previously unpaid can now get a paycheck! Think about the things that add a bit of fun to the season-- for example, Black jerseys for Black Out night and Coach buses to Playoff games. Every penny counts!


Where our Feature Friday Teams spent their fundraising money:

Victor Rinadli and the Saint Paul Catholic HS Baseball team: “Profits were spent on apparel. We got nice apparel for the players prior to the season beginning. We don't want to lay those costs on the players, so we bought supplies and equipment.”


Nick DeLizio and the North Branford HS Softball team: “This year was the first year we were able to raise money where all the apparel was paid for by fundraising. The girls didn't have to buy their warm-ups. We were able to cover them all. Any time we got ice cream or pizza after a game, it was covered, too. Some of that money went to our end of the season banquet and covered the fees for the girls who were able to go and play in all-star games.”


John Jardin and the Plymouth South Boys Lacrosse team: “We have used our fundraising profits to buy custom team shooter shirts, practice pinnies and decals for our helmets. We are saving for a set of team helmets.”


Richard Perez and Holyoke Wolf Pack Youth Athletics: “Our fundraising profits have gone right back into our program. We’ve been able to purchase equipment needed to build a strength and conditioning program we hope to begin in the fall. We also were able to get our teams into another league/tournament before the end of the summer.”


Need more ideas?

Here are a list of more places funds can been spent:
  • Uniforms

  • Banquets / Banquet Gifts

  • Buses / Transportation

  • Equipment

  • Competition Costs

  • Gear / Apparel

  • On the Athletic Program / Coaches Salary, Refs, etc.

  • Team Meals

  • Purchasing items for kids that could not afford them

  • Video Camera Equipment / An End Zone Camera

  • Team Trips

  • Senior Night/ Senior Gifts


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