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Why Every High School Sports Team Should be Selling In-Season

No coach wants to do fundraising in season. They want their players to concentrate on practice, academics, and their next game. However running your fundraiser in Week 1 is imperative to success.


Here’s why every team should be selling in-season:

Participation: All athletes must be there. When you try to do an off-season fundraiser you will be lucky to have 60% involved. Those athletes are on other teams, summer programs, etc. You want 100% of your team to be involved.

Promotion: You have practice everyday. You can talk to them, discuss goals, discuss what the money's for. You can have daily check-ins. You can also incentivize the “winners” during practice.

Results: Fundraisers ran in-season profit at least 30% more than fundraisers in the Summer. It can be done before the season even starts!


When we meet in-season, it's during pre-season, we still focus before the first game so players can focus on one thing at a time.

Most of our teams are done before week one. Yes, if you do it in the off-season, you have the money before the season starts. But if we were to tell you that you can profit more than double the amount but you wont get your money until 1st week of football, wouldn't you rather have more money done the right way?


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