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9 Ways to Boost Gold Card Fundraiser Sales After the Initial "Ask"

This is your moment. With a deep breath, you launch into your pitch, passionately narrating your team’s aspirations and the significance of the Gold Card fundraiser. The initial reactions are encouraging—nods of approval, smiles of agreement, a buzz of excitement. But now, the real challenge begins. How do you keep that enthusiasm alive? How do you transition those eager faces from being mere fans to active supporters and donors?

Lee Football Wildcats players show their Gold Cards with Fundraising Coach Eric Hiller. Text overlay says "Raised over $19,000 in Gold Card Sales"
Lee Football players show off Gold Cards with Fundraising Coach Eric!

Think of fundraising as a game where every inning matters. You've made a memorable start, but the journey to the finish line requires strategy, persistence, and heart. And just as every athlete knows, maintaining momentum is just as crucial as the initial burst of energy. Here are 7 ways to boost your Gold Card sales after your initial "ask" for support:

  1. Share Your Team's Journey: Authenticity wins, both on and off the field. Sharing your team's journey gives potential donors a chance to connect emotionally. Narrate the highs, the lows, the challenges, and the victories. Point them to your fundraising page to give them a tangible way to be part of your ongoing story.

  2. Detail Your Fundraising Purpose: Be clear. Why are you raising money? What's your current position, and where do you hope to be? A well-defined purpose can make all the difference in making someone decide to support.

  3. Breakdown Your Program's Expenses: Transparency is golden. Outline how every dollar is used, whether it's for new jerseys or transportation. For instance, “A $25 Gold Card purchase can fund one player's travel to an away game.” This establishes trust and shows the tangible impact of every donation.

  4. Emphasize the Need for Timely Support: Just like in sports, timing is crucial. Highlight the significance of timely donations and what they can achieve. Frame setbacks as opportunities to grow, but also convey the urgency.

  5. Target Your Outreach: Every supporter is unique. Adjust your pitch to resonate with the person or business you're approaching. Consider: What interests them about your cause? What's their relationship to the team or the players? And remember, a personal touch is gold! A tailored text or email can really make a difference.

  6. Leverage the GA App: The GA App isn't just a tool; it's your fundraising sidekick. Spread the word about your cause with automated text messages & emails. The digital nature of Gold Cards expands your reach and makes the process seamless. Keep your supporters updated and engaged with personalized messages.

    1. Simplify Sales: We live in a digital age, so make the most of your phone & the GA App! Ensure purchasing a Gold Card is a breeze for supporters. Features like QR codes can make in-person selling a walk in the park.

  7. Get Creative: Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Engage your community through events, insights, and collaborations. Sometimes, it's the unconventional strategies that yield the most gold.

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