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Best Fall Football Fundraisers: Gold Card & Gold Ticket Advantages

Best Fundraiser for Football: Gold Card and Gold Ticket Advantages

As summer unfolds and schools prepare for the upcoming academic year, high school sports teams across the country gear up for one of the most important tasks of the season: fundraising. Among the myriad of fundraising options available, one stands out as the gold standard—the Gold Athletics Gold Card and Gold Ticket fundraisers. These innovative solutions not only help football teams reach their financial goals but also provide valuable benefits to supporters and local businesses. Keep reading for our best football fundraiser tips using popular discount products that are EASY to sell.

The Benefits of Gold Cards and Gold Tickets for Best Football Fundraiser

The Gold Card and Gold Ticket fundraisers are more than just fundraising tools; they are community builders. Here are the top benefits:

5 Benefits of Gold Card and Tickets - Best Fundraiser for Sports
5 Benefits of Gold Card and Tickets - Best Fundraiser for Sports

  1. Community Engagement: Discount card and ticket fundraisers foster strong community ties by involving local businesses and residents.

  2. Immediate Value: Supporters gain access to exclusive discounts at their favorite local merchants, making these products highly appealing– immediately!

  3. Wide Range of Discounts: Offers include everything from buy-one-get-one-free pizza deals to significant savings on gym memberships, catering to diverse interests.

  4. High Profit Margins: Teams retain a significant portion of each sale, helping them quickly reach their financial goals.

  5. Easy to Sell: The tangible benefits and popularity of the discounts make Gold Cards and Gold Tickets an easy sell for students.

  6. Free Advertising for Businesses: Participating merchants enjoy free advertising, attracting new customers and fostering loyalty.

These benefits collectively make the Gold Card and Gold Ticket fundraisers an incredibly effective and attractive option for high school sports teams.

Helping Teams Reach Fundraising Goals In Record Time

The primary goal of any fundraiser is to generate funds, and the Gold Card and Gold Ticket fundraisers excel in this area. These fundraisers offer high profit margins, ensuring that a significant portion of each sale goes directly to the team. This can be a game-changer for sports teams needing new equipment, travel funds, or other essential resources.

Gold Athletics provides teams with all the tools and support needed to succeed. From professional, hands-on, white glove support to an easy-to-use app that tracks sales and progress, teams are equipped to maximize their fundraising efforts. This comprehensive support system is a testament to Gold Athletics' commitment to helping teams achieve their goals.

Comparison of Gold Card and Gold Ticket  - Advantages of the Best Fundraiser for Sports
Comparison of Gold Card and Gold Ticket by Gold Athletics

A Win-Win for Local Businesses

One of the standout features of the Gold Card and Gold Ticket fundraisers is their impact on local businesses. Participating merchants enjoy free advertising through their inclusion on the Gold Cards and Tickets. This exposure drives traffic to their establishments, introducing them to new customers and fostering community loyalty.

For small businesses, this can be an invaluable boost, particularly in challenging economic times. The mutually beneficial relationship between teams and merchants strengthens the community, making these fundraisers a win-win for everyone involved.

Prizes and Rewards: Recognizing Participants Efforts

To motivate participants and add an element of excitement, Gold Athletics includes a robust prize and reward system. Top sellers and teams are rewarded with exciting prizes ranging from gift cards to special experiences. These incentives not only recognize the hard work of the students but also inspire them to go the extra mile.

The recognition of participant efforts boosts morale and fosters a sense of achievement, further embedding the value of teamwork and community spirit in young athletes.

Best Fundraiser for Sports Teams in the Last Year: Gold Cards & Gold Tickets Scoreboard

To showcase the power of these fundraisers, let's look at standout examples from 2023-2024. These teams not only met their fundraising goals but exceeded them using Gold Cards & Gold Tickets: 

  1. Broadneck Football’s Gold Card fundraiser sold $54,575 worth last year with Rob Lunenfeld in August to kick off their Fall season strong. 💪 

  2. North Attleboro Football Raised $48,625 with their Gold Card Fundraiser this year (2024) with Coach Matt Ross topping last year's results by more than $4,000 more raised!

  3. Milton Football Gold Card Fundraiser in 2023 raised nearly $43,000 last August. 

  4. Chelmsford Lions Football raised $39,625 with Coach Steve Ash in August 2023. 

  5. Medina Boys Track Gold Ticket Fundraiser raised $28,275 in February this year (2024) to support their season! They topped last year’s fundraiser by nearly $1,000.  

  6. CVU Baseball Softball sold $25,650 worth of Gold Tickets last Spring 2023 with Coach Bob White’s guidance. 

  7. The Southern Regional Girls Lacrosse team sold $22,700 worth of Gold Tickets during their March fundraiser this year (2024)!

Gold Athletics Gold Card and Gold Ticket fundraisers stand out as the premier choice because of their high profitability, community engagement, and practical benefits for supporters and local businesses. As teams prepare for the fall season, these fundraisers provide the perfect platform to achieve financial goals while strengthening community ties.

Effective discount card fundraising is a skill, ensuring that every team, their supporters, and local businesses all come out on top. With the Gold Card and Gold Ticket fundraisers, everyone wins.



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