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Co-Ed Fundraiser Breaks Boundaries Together selling 1,000+ Gold Tickets

Mansfield High School has an athletic department with an outstanding record of success in various programs. The school had been working with other fundraising partners during previous seasons but weren’t completely satisfied. They wanted to raise the bar higher this Spring. That is where they turned to Gold Athletics.

Case Study:

In this case study, we highlight the success of Mansfield Lacrosse's fundraiser that sold 1,000+ Gold Tickets in three short weeks. This wasn’t just any fundraiser, it was a joint effort between the boys' and girls’ lacrosse teams with the newly appointed girls' lacrosse coach, Mary Pasquantonio. The boys' coach, Tim Frias, had previously worked with Gold Athletics in an off-season beef jerky fundraiser in November, which was successful. Coach Tim believed in the fundraising potential with Gold Athletics and broke boundaries by having the two teams work together.

Their Gold Ticket fundraiser was launched with the aim of raising funds for equipment upgrades, swag, team bonding trips, and gear for both lacrosse teams. The coaches and teams collaborated, and a healthy competition was created between the boys' and girls' lacrosse teams, fueling their motivation. The fundraiser was very successful, and both teams raised more money than before teaming up with Gold Athletics.

“We are fortunate to have a great long-standing relationship with Mansfield High School Athletics. Recently, we sparked athletic director Tim Selmon's attention with all the different fundraisers we have to offer. We are fortunate to fundraise with the majority of their athletic programs. Thanks to our partnership with MSSADA, schools feel confident in relying on Gold Athletics for their one-stop-shop for fundraising.”

- Matt Ross, Director at Gold Athletics, Fundraising Coach

Coach Pasquantonio was thrilled with the fundraiser's results, describing it as an easy and straightforward process. The fundraiser's success was attributed to the joint efforts of two great coaches and programs that worked well together.

Q&A with Fundraising Coach Matt Ross:

Q: What inspired their team to organize a fundraiser?

Matt: In this case the boys lacrosse coach Tim Frias who I’ve built a great relationship with (we did really well with an off-season beef jerky fundraiser in November) welcomed the new girls lacrosse coach Mary Pasquantonio to be part of our Annual Gold Ticket fundraiser. Two great coaches and programs to work with.

Q: What were some of the most effective fundraising strategies used by the boys and girls teams?

Matt: Despite boys having a little more competition in this fundraiser, they made a healthy competition out of it, and BOTH teams made more money than ever!!

Q: How will the funds raised be used to benefit their program?

Matt: Coach Frias was using the money for equipment upgrades and swag and Coach Pasq was looking to potentially do a team bonding trip, and some gear.

Q: How can other sports teams and organizations use the Mansfield Lacrosse fundraiser as a model for their own fundraising efforts?

Matt: Don’t be afraid to break down barriers and boundaries that hold your team back! Mansfield Athletics teamed up and had a record year.

Q: What advice would you give to others who are planning a similar fundraiser?

Matt: Coach Pasq said it was a very easy fundraiser and very happy with the results.


In conclusion, Mansfield Lacrosse's annual Gold Ticket fundraiser was a win-win for both teams involved. Both the girls and boys lacrosse teams were able to sell over 1,000 Gold Tickets, and raise more money than they have before. Notably, the teams had switched from using competitor fundraising companies and still beat their previous year's record. By joining co-ed forces with Gold Athletics, they were able to multiply their supporters and achieve their fundraising goals by introducing a healthy competition. This success is a testament to the power of teamwork, innovation, and a willingness to try something new.

Let's Raise the Gold Bar Together!

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