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How to Create Player Buy-In

Creating player buy-in as a coach or a captain is one of the most difficult things to do. This process can start as early as team tryouts while the established leadership guides the prospective players through exercises and drills. It’s important that the captains participate and put their best effort forward during these first couple weeks of practice. Even if their spot of the team is secured, other players will be more likely to follow their lead. As a common rule, a captain should never ask someone trying out to do something they wouldn’t do themselves. This is because even though a captain has an elevated leadership role, they aren’t above the rest of the team.


This is applicable in a fundraising setting as well. If the captains are visibly not interested in taking the lead on the fundraising effort, the rest of the team will behave in kind. However, if the captains are committed to selling Gold Cards and Gold Tickets, other players that may be younger and less experienced will latch on to this energy and be more motivated. Because fundraising benefits the whole team it is in the best interests of the captains to make it a priority and to set the standards high.

To continue that idea, having internal competition among members of a team can add to the intensity that a team generates on the field. Thus, turning team fundraising into a contest, and giving the space for players to push their teammates will not only aide the fundraiser, but continue to create a culture of winning that can push a team through tough practices and against strong teams.


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