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Fundraising Then & Now: Embracing New Delivery Model & Product Pricing

Embracing The Cost Of Modern Sports Fundraising

The Benefits of New Fundraising Delivery Model

Faster delivery, less hassle, and a digital touch that even the tech-averse can love. Sure, it’s a bit different, but so was the wheel when it first rolled onto the scene. 

The world of high school and youth sports fundraising is experiencing a significant shift, particularly with pricing and product distribution. This cost evolution, while introducing a slightly higher price range of about $10-$12 more for products, is a strategic response to the challenges of traditional fundraising methods. This post aims to provide an unbiased perspective on these changes, and highlights both the advantages & considerations involved.

Fundraising Evolution:  Moving Away From Traditional Fundraising Delivery Model

Traditionally, sports fundraising was chock full of manual, labor-intensive processes. Athletes and coaches relied on paper order forms, cash or check payments, and a limited product range to sell to supporters. This approach, while familiar, presented several challenges:

  1. No more ordering in bulk.

  2. NO more order forms! 

  3. No more manual handling of cash and checks.. This was time-consuming and error-prone.

  4. No more delivery challenges that came along with organizing, sorting, and delivering products by hand.

  5. No more limited reach or being restricted to local sales.

  6. No more shipping delays for supporters to receive their packages, sometimes 6-7 weeks of waiting.

The Modern Approach: Pricing Paradigm Shift

The modern fundraising model addresses these challenges with a new pricing strategy of about $10-12 more per product, but significantly more to cheer about:

  1. Nationwide Reach: The slight increase in prices supports a nationwide reach, expanding the potential supporter base beyond local communities.

  2. Digital Efficiency: Incorporating costs for digital platforms in the product price streamlines transactions, reducing manual errors and operational burdens. This includes things like automated texts to supporters and outreach to contacts via the Gold Athletics App.

  3. Logistical Ease: The new model includes shipping costs, allowing products to be sent directly to supporters, thereby eliminating the need for students and coaches to manage deliveries.

  4. Quicker Turnaround: With streamlined logistics, supporters enjoy faster delivery of products.

Ship-To-Home Fundraisers: Balancing Cost & Convenience

While the benefits of the modern approach are clear, it's important to consider the change from a balanced perspective:

  1. Price Sensitivity: The increase in prices might initially be met with some resistance, especially from repeat supporters accustomed to lower costs.

  2. Transition and Adaptation: Shifting to a digital platform and a new pricing structure requires a period of adjustment for all parties involved.

Future-Focused Fundraising Models

The shift in sports fundraising to a slightly higher price range is not just about adjusting to economic changes post-COVID; it's about enhancing the overall experience. This new era of fundraising is characterized by greater accessibility, efficiency, and a focus on community engagement. While there may be initial confusion or adaptation to the new pricing, the benefits of streamlined operations, expanded reach, and quicker deliveries present a compelling case for embracing this change. As we navigate this new landscape of fundraising products, it's crucial to recognize the positive impact these changes bring to youth and sports programs, fostering a more sustainable and effective fundraising environment.


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