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$26k Sweet Victory: Tolland Youth Football's Cookie Dough Fundraiser Success [Case Study]

Last Fall, under the guidance of Fundraising Coach Matt Curtis, the Tolland Youth Football team embarked on a remarkable three-week journey. Their mission? To raise $25,000 through a Cookie Dough fundraiser ran through the Gold Athletics App. Little did they know, they were about to surpass their goal in the most delicious way possible.

The Team: Tolland Youth Football

Tolland Youth Football, a spirited group of 90 young athletes, decided to turn their dreams into reality and check off their wishlist. They were determined to provide their team with the resources needed to thrive and excel.

Tolland Youth’s Recipe for Success:

Type of Fundraiser: The Tolland Youth Football team opted for a Cookie Dough fundraiser, a sweet and irresistible choice that instantly captured the hearts (and taste buds) of their supporters.

Campaign Duration: The campaign kicked off on August 15th, 2022, and ran through September 4th, 2022. In just three weeks, they would change the game.


Exceeding Expectations: The initial goal was set at $25,000. What happened next was nothing short of extraordinary. The youth players didn't just meet their target; they shattered it. The final tally? A mouthwatering $25,947.75 worth of delectable cookie dough sold.

Community Support: It wasn't just the players who were in the game; their supporters rallied around them. A total of 494 people came together to make this achievement possible. This fundraiser showcased the power of a united community working toward a common goal.

Lessons Learned: The Tolland Youth Football team's success story offers valuable insights for other coaches and players considering similar fundraising endeavors:

1. Set Bold Goals: Don't be afraid to dream big. Setting a challenging goal can motivate your team and supporters to push their limits.

2. Choose an Irresistible Product: The choice of product matters. The appeal of delectable cookie dough proved irresistible to their supporters.

3. Effective Timing: The three-week campaign duration was well-planned, creating a sense of urgency without overwhelming participants.

4. Community Engagement: Involving the community is key. The support of nearly 500 individuals made a significant impact on their success.

The Tolland Youth Football team's Cookie Dough fundraising campaign, led by Fundraising Coach Matt Curtis, serves as an inspiring example of what can be achieved in just a few weeks when a dedicated team sets its sights on a goal and commits to it wholeheartedly. Their story showcases the power of determination, community support, and the appeal of a quality mouth-watering product. It's an achievement that will undoubtedly inspire other teams to take part in a similar and successful cookie dough fundraiser.

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