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From Budget Cuts to Big Wins: 3 Times Gold Ticket Fundraisers Saved the Game for High School Sports this Year [2024 Spring Results]

Financial Challenges Facing High School Sports

As the 2024 economic curveballs keep coming, high school sports teams have been caught between a rock and a hard place, battling rising costs and shrinking budgets. With families tightening their belts and schools cutting corners wherever possible, it's been a tough season for teams needing to fund uniforms, equipment, and travel.

Gold Ticket Fundraisers: How Gold Athletics is Turning the Game Around for Teams

But fear not, sports fans! Gold Athletics has stepped up to the plate with their Gold Tickets, proving that when the going gets tough, the tough get fundraising! Let’s dive into how four teams played the Gold Ticket card and turned potential defeats into dazzling victories.

Medina Boys Track Runs Ahead of the Pack: Raised $28,275

Under the strategic coaching of Rob Muniak, the Medina Boys Track team sprinted towards an ambitious $30,000 goal and nearly clinched it by raising $28,275—all within the span of less than a month. Talk about speed fundraising!

Southern Girls Lacrosse Sticks It to Budget Cut Blues: Sold $22,700 Worth

Pittsfield Baseball Knocks It Out of the Park: Caught a Cool $18,525

Broadneck Baseball Rounds the Bases: Raised $16,375

More On Mighty Gold Tickets

Gold Tickets are like a season pass to savings. They are not just your average fundraising tool; Gold Tickets offer discounts at a roster of 12 to 16 local and national businesses, these tickets are the MVPs of both saving money and making it. 

Own a local Biz & want to be featured for free? Reach out to our merchant team and join the Gold Ticket revolution with a feature on Gold Tickets. Email us today at

Each booklet is customized with the team’s colors and logos, making every supporter feel like a part of the team.

Gold Tickets Boost Local Businesses & Community Spirit

Stepping up to the fundraising plate isn’t just a win for the teams. Gold Tickets are a grand slam for local businesses, too. By featuring on Gold Tickets, merchants get to bat in the big leagues of community exposure, becoming a go-to spot and building lasting relationships with local families. It’s a game where everyone scores—teams, businesses, and the whole community. 

Medina Track, Pittsfield Baseball, Southern Lacrosse, and Broadneck Baseball 2024 Gold Tickets

Prizes and Rewards: Celebrating Every Victory

In the world of Gold Athletics, every player gets a trophy. Teams that hit their fundraising goals with Gold Tickets don’t just get quality custom gear—they also earn team parties and exciting prizes, making every participant feel like a champion.

In the start of 2024 when economic pressures could have benched high school sports programs and fundraising could’ve dragged on taking coaches and athletes away from the sport they love, Gold Tickets came through again as the MVP. We’ve got the key to communities turning short fundraising sprints into big wins. Our teams thrived knowing they had the support of their community and their dedicated Gold Athletics fundraising reps. Not to mention, the innovative solutions from Gold Athletics App and ever-evolving technology.

So here’s to the teams that made 2024 a year of victories against the odds—thanks to a little help from their friends at Gold Athletics and the mighty Gold Ticket.


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