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Gold Cards vs Gold Tickets – What’s the Difference?

Gold Cards vs Gold Tickets – What’s the Difference?

When it comes to supporting your local sports teams while enjoying great deals, two popular options often come to mind: Gold Cards and Gold Tickets. Both offered by Gold Athletics, these fundraising tools have been instrumental in supporting high school and youth sports. But what exactly sets them apart? Let’s dive into the specifics of Gold Cards vs Gold Tickets.

Gold Cards: Supporters’ Pass to Ongoing Discounts

Our premier product, Gold Cards, are a best-selling convenient and ongoing discount product. They come as wallet-sized, multiple-use cards offering discounts at 20 to 25 local and national businesses. The unique aspect of Gold Cards is their partnership with each business, ensuring offers that last a whole calendar year.

Gold Cards are especially beneficial for fall sports teams looking for effective fundraising methods. The front of each card is customized with your team’s graphics, logo, and/or schedule, while the back side details the offers from each local merchant. An added bonus? Each Gold Card comes with six Key Tags, which highlight the most impressive local deals. These tags are designed for one-time use and can easily be added to a key ring for convenience.

Gold Tickets: One-Time Wonders

On the other side, we have Gold Tickets, another top-seller known for their value in the form of tear-out coupons. These tickets offer discounts at 12 to 16 local and national businesses. Like Gold Cards, these are also one-time use coupons valid for a year.

Gold Tickets are particularly effective for spring sports teams’ fundraising efforts. Each ticket is tailored with your team’s graphics and organizes each merchant offer in a user-friendly booklet. The simplicity of tearing out a coupon and presenting it at a merchant makes Gold Tickets both easy and convenient for users.

The Unsung Heroes Behind Gold Cards & Tickets' Success

Merchant Benefits: Beyond the surface, what drives these local and nationally recognized businesses to collaborate and feature on our Gold Cards? First and foremost, by aligning with Gold Athletics, merchants can effectively drive new customers into their stores. It's an invitation for consumers to explore and, in the process, boost the word-of-mouth marketing of the business. Being featured on a Gold Card translates to free advertising for an entire year, acting as a subtle yet constant reminder of the brand's presence. The exclusive deals provided not only incentivize customer purchases but also enhance brand loyalty. Lastly, every merchant that associates with Gold Cards experiences the gratification of supporting local youth sports teams, truly making a difference in the community. It's a win-win, blending commerce with cause, amplifying the significance of supporting teams in the larger ecosystem.

Behind the Scenes: Our Merchant Services Team

Ensuring the success of these products is our dedicated Merchant Services Team.

Meet Melissa Walker, Merchant Services Manager

Missy, working out of Maryland, is the epitome of kindness and sincerity. She’s dedicated to supporting both merchants and customers with exceptional service. After work, Missy enjoys traveling, sewing, and spending time with her family and pets.

Michelle Wright, Merchant Training Coordinator

Michelle is our relationship-building expert. She’s instrumental in bringing merchants onboard in the Northeast region and providing them with ongoing support. Michelle is also responsible for training new hires, ensuring they are well-equipped to sign up and support new and existing merchants.

Julie Ross, Merchant Development Coordinator

Before joining us, Julie was a client who saw firsthand the benefits of Gold Athletics while fundraising for her local High School. Her personal experience and enthusiasm make her an invaluable asset, especially in developing relationships with new merchants.

Thank you for exploring Gold Cards vs Gold Tickets with us! 

All in all, both Gold Cards and Gold Tickets offer unique advantages for fundraising. Gold Cards are ideal for those seeking year-round discounts with multiple uses, while Gold Tickets are perfect for those who prefer straightforward, one-time use coupons. Behind these successful products is a team dedicated to building strong relationships with merchants, ensuring the best deals for supporters.

Gold Athletics continues to stand as a beacon of support for local sports teams, offering products that not only aid in fundraising but also bring communities together. Whether you choose Gold Cards or Gold Tickets, you’re contributing to a noble cause while enjoying fantastic local deals.


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