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4 Merchant Benefits of Gold Cards and Gold Tickets Program Partnership

Hello, sports fans and business leaders! Are you ready to catapult your brand's visibility and deepen your community ties? COVID-19 hit small businesses hard, a reality Gold Athletics witnessed firsthand, reinforcing our dedication to lifting community partners. We can help transform your brand presence into a victory lap around the local market. Imagine your brand in the lead, celebrating wins alongside tomorrow's sports stars. This opportunity is a chance to claim your title in community engagement and business growth. Keep reading to learn how joining forces with our Gold Cards and Gold Tickets Program can be the game-winning goal your business has been aiming for.


The Key to Success: Gold Cards & Gold Tickets

At the heart of Gold Athletics' fundraising success are the Gold Cards and Gold Tickets, designed to provide supporters with access to exclusive deals at over 20 local and nationally recognized businesses​​. These are so much more than discount cards; we personalize each card with the fundraising program's branding, reflecting a meaningful partnership between the sports teams, their supporters, and the businesses featured on the Gold Cards​​.


Scoring Big: MORE Benefits for Businesses

Joining the Gold Athletics league means you're not just a spectator in the stands; You're in the game, and here's what you score:


  • Front Row Seats in Every Wallet

    • Your business becomes a wallet-sized token in the pockets of your community, making you the go-to spot all year round.

  • Team Spirit MVP

    • Different from endorsements or sponsorships… This opportunity builds a legacy of support for local youth and sports, earning you an all-star reputation.

  • Become A Champion of Local Sales

    • The exclusive deals you include matter! These are your magnet for both new fans and loyal followers, boosting your bottom line.

  • Billboard-Size Exposure Without the Billboard Cost

    • Free advertising that lasts all season long? That's right, your name in lights, minus the electric bill.


Winning Stories with Real Impact: Gold Cards anD Gold Tickets

Don't just take our word for it; the scoreboard speaks volumes. Teams like North Attleboro Football raised $44,000 and Whitmer Football raised $30,400 turning Gold Cards partnerships into big wins, with fundraising goals met AND exceeded. Proof that when you play with Gold Athletics, everyone wins – especially our merchant partners.


The Gold Athletics Advantage

Gold Athletics has established itself as a leading sports fundraising partner for High School and Youth programs nationwide. Their commitment to excellence is evident through a diverse range of fundraising options, which include the flagship products: Gold Cards and Gold Tickets​​​​. These offerings are not just products but gateways to fostering community spirit, supporting young athletes, and achieving business growth through strategic partnership.


Join Our Winning Team OF merchant partners

For businesses, the decision to partner with Gold Cards and Gold Tickets is an investment in your community development and youth support. It's a chance to be part of a success story that benefits all stakeholders involved, from young athletes to local businesses and the community at large.


Gold Athletics is your team, your community, and your biggest fans all rolled into one. As a merchant partner, you're not only boosting your brand, you're investing in the future of sports, youth, and community spirit. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the action and discover how your business can be the next community champion with Gold Athletics. Visit our website, chat with our merchant team, and let's make some magic happen together!



Are you interested in joining the cause? For more information on Gold Athletics and how to enroll in a partnership, visit our website and email our merchant team at


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