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$19k Gold Card Glory: North Florida Christian Football's FundraisING Success

Fundraising Coach Brian Ludwig Remotely Revitalized Strategies with North Florida Christian Football

Adaptability is the name of the game. Especially when it comes to the digital age of fundraising and the dynamic world of High School sports. When the North Florida Christian Football Eagles paired up with Gold Athletics Fundraising Coach Brian Ludwig, they embarked on a virtual fundraising strategy that not only embraced digital technology but redefined their power. The transformative journey of running a remotely managed fundraiser, although not the conventional approach of Gold Athletics, proved to be an outstanding success.

North Florida Christian High School Football

Photo taken by: Richard Duncan

Scope of the Fundraiser

The mission was clear: undertake a Gold Card Fundraiser and use the innovative methods and strategies brought by Gold Athletics. Spanning a duration of 14 days, from August 8 to the 22nd, the entire operation was remotely managed from Fundraising Coach Brian in Pennsylvania. The commitment and enthusiasm of the participants made distance seem irrelevant. The inclusion of Junior High players this year further bolstered the Eagles fundraiser success. With a roster of 65 players actively selling, as opposed to last year's 35, the numbers surged. Overall, a whopping $19,025 was raised, surpassing their goal. To put this into perspective, the previous year's fundraiser had only amassed $11,440.

From Kick-off to Cash-out: The Eagles’ Journey to Success

It all began with a strategic game plan meeting between Coach Brian Ludwig and head coach Brent Hill on July 26. This set the stage for the grand kick-off on August 8, via a Zoom meeting, the fundraiser was officially live. Every player received 20 cards to sell from their coach. Thanks to the efficient organization, each player was pre-registered on the fundraising app (GA App), streamlining the process and allowing for a substantial $13,125 to be raised through online sales alone. This impressive figure accounted for a significant portion of the total sales.

A robust timeline of events powered the fundraiser's success. Critical to the virtually-led fundraiser were three pivotal meetings: the Intro, Game Plan, and Kickoff meetings.

Intro Meeting: This meeting served as the first touchpoint. It provided a comprehensive overview of the products, the intricacies of Gold Card sales, and introduced the participating coaches to the powerful GA apps. It was a deep dive, with Coach Ludwig and Coach Brent Hill asking pertinent questions and ensuring that all doubts were clarified.

Game Plan Meeting: Held a week prior to kickoff, after agreeing to working together, this meeting was the strategy session ensuring that both Coach Ludwig and the team's coach were perfectly synchronized, especially concerning technology usage.

Kickoff Meeting: This final session aimed at rallying the troops. It is here that the participants are on-boarded onto the GA app and educated on the sales process. After this crucial meeting, athletes are expected to input at least 20 email and phone contacts into the system, marking the launch of their fundraising journey.

North Florida Christian Middle School Football

Photo taken by: Richard Duncan

With $19,025 raised and surpassing their unofficial $17,500 goal, the North Florida Christian Football team's virtual fundraising journey stands as a testament to the power of digital evolution, especially when facilitated by experts like Fundraising Coach Brian Ludwig. This approach, tailored specifically for a virtual environment, showcases the massive potential digital platforms like the GA App offer.


The Evolution of “Blitz” Day

Traditional blitzing involves student athletes engaging directly with the community. In a virtual setting, this transforms into a "phone blitz." Rather than door-to-door engagements, athletes make phone calls, send out texts, and distribute their fundraising links far and wide using email, phone calls and social media. While the essence of blitzing was retained with North Florida Christian football players, its execution was digitally reimagined. The onus was largely on Coach Hill to ensure successful blitzing in this remote environment. Keeping them updated, setting clear expectations, and committing to a Blitz day was vital. The transition to a "virtual blitz" brought its own challenges, emphasizing the need for evolving strategies in the changing landscape of modern day fundraising.

Engaging Participant Guardians Boosts Fundraiser Profits

Don’t overlook the significance of involving parents in fundraiser sales. By integrating parents through a dedicated parent meeting during the fundraiser, the value of Gold Athletics' technology can be effectively communicated and proven to parents. Once guardians grasp the ease of fundraising with the GA App, they become formidable allies, championing the cause and assisting their kids throughout the process.


For those looking to leverage the benefits of virtual fundraising, reach out to Gold Athletics at Your team's next fundraising success could be just a click away!



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