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Big Goals, Bigger Achievements: Plymouth South Lacrosse Back-To-Back Digital Fundraising Success

The TeamS That Goes Beyond Their Goals

Both the Plymouth South Boys & Girls Lacrosse teams stand out not just for their athletic prowess but also for their remarkable fundraising achievements in the past few years. With the help of the innovative Gold Athletics app, their Lacrosse team embarked on an ambitious journey to raise funds through the sale of Digital Gold Cards. In 2023, they set a $20,000 goal, and raised an impressive $18,350. The following year in 2024, they continued their momentum raising nearing $27,000 together. Their savory secret? Integrating unique Pretzel-products and packages brought their fundraising efforts to new heights.

2023: A Solid Foundation of Community Support 

Utilizing the Gold Athletics app, the Plymouth South Lacrosse team launched a digital fundraiser that captivated the community's support. With 85 energetic participants, the team managed to sell 734 digital gold cards. Their strategy was well-planned, involving 2,381 emails that effectively reached a network of 492 supporters. This digital approach not only streamlined their efforts but significantly broadened their reach, showcasing the power of community and technology combined.

2024: Digital Fundraising Innovation Meets Tradition for Plymouth South Lacrosse 

In 2024, the fundraiser took a delicious turn by incorporating Pretzel-themed packages alongside the staple Digital Gold Cards. With 82 participants and a whopping goal to raise $27,000, the team sent out an astounding 3,524 emails, rallying 448 supporters. The introduction of irresistible gourmet pretzel packs, including flavors like "Maui Onion Mustard" and "Liege Belgian Waffle," proved to be a game-changer, blending traditional fundraising with innovative products.

Plymouth South Boys Lacrosse team takes the field in 2024

🥨 Savory Success: Pretzel Stats Unpacked

The pretzel-themed fundraiser added a flavorful twist to their digital Gold Card campaign:

  • Everyday Holiday Combo Ultra Box: Sold 24 units, raising $532.66 after costs.

  • Pretzel Bites, 2-Pack: A hit with 66 units sold.

  • Turnbuckle - 12 Pack: Moved 31 units.

  • Liege Belgian Waffle 6-Pack: Delighted taste buds with 27 units sold.

The Gold Athletics App: Catalyst for Connection

Gold Athletics fundraising strategies were instrumental in streamlining the sales process and managing the fundraiser efficiently. The app's ability to track sales and engage supporters through targeted communications was key to the team’s success, ensuring that every participant could contribute effectively.

Rewards That Motivated Plymouth South Success 

In 2023, participants were rewarded with athletic long-sleeve shirts, hoodies, shorts, and custom duffel bags, adding a layer of appreciation for their efforts. The 2024 fundraiser raised the bar by offering premium custom quarter zips with the Plymouth South logo and customized premium gear backpacks, further incentivizing participation and enhancing team spirit.

Building on Digital Fundraising Success

The Plymouth South Lacrosse team's fundraising efforts are a testament to what can be achieved with innovation, teamwork, and the effective use of technology like the Gold Athletics app. Their ability to adapt and enhance their fundraising tactics year over year not only supports their athletic goals but also fosters a strong sense of community and school spirit.


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