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It takes a village: Building a High School Fundraising App

Building the Gold Athletics app to what it is today has required more than just technical coding skills. It takes a village. Our team works tirelessly on a journey of vision, unity, community engagement, and relentless determination. Today, we are sharing what we’ve created with you. 

We're proud of what we've achieved with the Gold Athletics App, and we're grateful for the trust you've placed in us to empower coaches and deliver consistent results.

The Development Journey: "It takes a village..."

This saying perfectly captures the essence of the Gold Athletics’ app development process. It's been a non-stop endeavor, fueled by our team's dedication to making the GAApp as user-friendly as possible, while taking feedback from our Coaches at critical times during countless fundraisers. Over three years and five development phases, we've evolved without a CTO, strengthening our team cohesion and resolve.

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Automated Texting:

  • Simplified participant onboarding for team fundraising.

  • Automatic reminder texts to combat supporter fatigue.

  • Engagement tools to reach more supporters efficiently. 

  • Ensuring data privacy and security.

Read about how youth players are benefitting with auto-texting features here.

Empowering Insights: Forget waiting, Gold Athletics promises real-time tracking, empowering coaches with instant players insights into performance statistics and funds raised within the GA app.

  • Activity monitoring to encourage consistent participation.

  • Goal tracking with visual milestones.

  • Outreach activity tracking to enhance supporter engagement.

Venmo Integration for Effortless Donations: One of the paramount concerns in today's digital age is data privacy and convenience. Rest assured, with the GA App, user data integrity remains paramount, and to further the user experience, the platform has now integrated Venmo payments, ensuring a smooth, cashless donation process. Safe and convenient. 

Profit Calculator:

  • Real-time profit estimates based on current performance.

Building Credibility and Garnering Reviews:

Understanding human behavior, connections, and the essence of time has been our key to unlocking success for teams.  Our fundraising app is more than just a tool for high school and youth sports fundraising; It is collaborative and innovative steps forward that bring more success to our teams, Coaches and participants.  

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