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Power of Connection: Maximizing Youth Fundraising App with Auto-Texting Feature

How has Auto-Texting become a Game-Changer for Youth Fundraising?

The world of fundraising is rapidly evolving. While some methods fade away with time,

others are born, reshaping the high school sports and youth fundraising landscape with innovation. Today, Gold Athletics is thrilled to spotlight the new Auto-Texting Feature on the GA App and underline its transformative impact on the fundraising experience for youth participants and programs.

Instant Connection, Effortless Reach: Youth Fundraising App

Consider the sheer number of times we check our phones daily. Text messaging remains one of the most direct and efficient means of communication. The Auto-Texting feature harnesses this power, enabling participants or players to

instantly add up to 50 contacts at once. Once added, these supporters are looped into automated texts until they decide to donate or opt-out.

Why It Matters:

  1. Time Efficiency: The manual task of reaching out individually is no longer a hurdle. One action kickstarts a series of well-timed automated texts to multiple supporters.

  2. Broadened Outreach: With the capacity to tap into 50 contacts at once, you're casting a wider net, increasing the likelihood of garnering support.

  3. Lesser Drop-offs: The automated follow-ups mean supporters are continually reminded of their intention to donate, reducing the chances of missed opportunities– unless they opt-out, of course.

Kick-off Meetings & The Role of Auto-Texting

The foundation of a successful fundraiser lies in effective planning. As many of us know, the process typically starts with a series of meetings: The intro, the game plan, and the kick-off. It's in these meetings, especially the kick-off, where the GA App's Auto-Texting feature truly shines.

Post kick-off meeting, participants or student-athletes are expected to dive right in, adding their contacts into the system. What follows is an automated, streamlined process, ensuring every potential donor is nudged and informed, making the fundraising process more fluid and less daunting.

Enhanced User Experience on the GA Youth Fundraising App

One of the paramount concerns in today's digital age is data privacy. Rest assured, with the GA App, user data integrity remains paramount. And to further the user experience, the platform has now integrated Venmo payments, ensuring a smooth, cashless donation process.

Prioritizing Data Privacy:

Setting the Gold Standard

At Gold Athletics, we recognize that trust is the foundation of our relationship with coaches, participants, and supporters. Every piece of data, especially contacts – be they donors, supporters, or participants – is treated with the utmost respect and confidentiality. In today's digital age, the sanctity of data privacy can't be overstated, and we're fully committed to upholding this principle. While the landscape of fundraising is vast, Gold Athletics stands out with its steadfast dedication to ensuring data protection at every step.

Upcoming App Features: Enhancing The
Coaches' Toolkit

Driven by real fundraising experiences and invaluable feedback from the coaching community, our sports fundraising App development team works tirelessly behind the

scenes to refine tools within the GA App. Here's what you can look forward to:

  • Real-Time Insights: Soon, Coaches will be able to track texts and see who is sending messages, up to the moment.

  • Pre-Launch Texts: We're crafting a feature for participants to set up texts before the fundraiser goes live, letting coaches monitor prep and ensuring everyone's text-ready at go-time, AKA, "kick-off".

Final Thoughts

The essence of the Auto-Texting feature isn't just in its technological brilliance but in its understanding of human behavior, connections, and the essence of time. It's about making fundraising not just efficient, but also effective using technology at our fingertips.

If you're still on the fence about the next big thing in fundraising, it's time to embrace the future with GA App's Auto-Texting feature. You can learn more about the GA Fundraising App here.

Ready to revolutionize your fundraising approach? Dive into the GA App experience and be part of the change. Contact our team here:


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