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Parent Power: The Game-Changing Ingredient in Youth Fundraiser Success

Remember standing on the sidelines, cheering as your child rode their first bike with no training wheels or scored that unexpected goal? Those 'firsts' have undeniable magic. Now, imagine channeling that energy and enthusiasm into something bigger—a youth fundraiser, with you, once again, playing a pivotal role. The power of parental involvement in fundraisers is part of our revolutionary approach to youth and high school fundraising.

Diving Into PARENTS' Role In the Youth Fundraising Playbook

Parents are the unsung heroes behind every 'first'. Like your child's first steps, or first words. Similarly, when it comes to youth fundraisers, parents are pivotal to getting the word out and helping their children share their message with supporters. Let's break down how it works.

Parent Meetings: More Than Just a Chat

Ever tried navigating a maze blindfolded? That's what youth fundraisers can feel like for kids without support from Coach and parent guardians. The GA App streamlines the process for participants, making it as easy as pie (or maybe, easy-bake oven pie). When parents jump into the mix, players not only find direction but also a hefty dose of motivation. Remember, when parents invest time, kids invest effort!

Coaching, Parenting, and Gold Athletics' Role

Weekly updates, the latest memes, and team pizza night. Some things just go together with seamless synergy, like coaches, parents, and Gold Athletics. While coaches train young athletes, parents play a dual role: tech-savvy motivators and their child's biggest fans. And Gold Athletics? We're here to ensure everyone's on the winning team.

Where Virtual Evolution Meets Fundraising

Move over, raffle tickets and counting cash. The GA App is the future, seamlessly integrating Venmo and auto-texting to make online donations a breeze. Just like magic, fans can transform into donors. And for those who love the nitty-gritty, delve deep into how teams are fulfilling their dreams with this powerhouse.

The Intro Meeting: Not Another Tedious Tech Talk

This isn't your run-of-the-mill app tutorial. Think of it more like the grand unveiling of the newest, coolest gadget. With real-time progress tracking and quick access to performance stats, the GA App stands out from the crowd. Fast cash-outs? Unmatched donation percentage? Yes and yes; You bet! This meeting isn't a boring monologue, it's an interactive session where Coach curiosity meets answers.

The Game Plan Meeting: Getting All Ducks in a Row

One week before the grand kickoff. It's not just about strategy but syncing everyone's heartbeats to the rhythm of the GA App and overarching game plan. Coaches and their dedicated fundraising expert huddle, ensuring that when the whistle blows, everyone's ready for the play.

Kickoff Meeting: And...Action!

It's GO time! Athletes get a hands-on experience, while parents have that proud look—akin to seeing their child ride a bike without training wheels. It's all about setting expectations and ensuring everyone’s geared up for the ride. This is where parents can offer their support through social media sharing, and verbal encouragement for their child.

Blitz Mode: Where Tradition Meets Technology

Imagine a football game, but instead of touchdowns, it's about fundraising goals. The Traditional Blitz is the on-ground rush, while the Virtual Blitz thrives in the digital domain relying on phone calls and emails to send the "ask" for support. The GA App makes it easy so participants can send their fundraising link to 50 contacts at once. Both have their challenges, but with coaches' dedication and Gold Athletics' support, it’s all about breaking fundraising records as a team!


We’ve run fundraisers for youth and high school programs for decades. One thing is clear: parents aren’t just spectators, they’re a driving force. With every email sent, every app click, and every motivational pep talk, parents amplify the fundraiser's success. Because at the end of the day, parent involvement isn't just about more funds, it's about crafting unforgettable experiences for the group.

Together, we don't just raise funds for youth sports and high school programs; we elevate student experiences and futures. Read about recent winning fundraisers here.


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