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Q&A with Rob Bare, Cedar Crest Track Coach

What do you love most about your sport?

The thing I love most about track & field is the fact that it is considered an individual sport, but at Cedar Crest High School, it’s all about the TEAM. We emphasize to our 110+ student-athletes that it is more important to be the best player for the team, rather than the best player on the team.

The picture of me was taken after I won my age group (50-54) of the 2022 Harrisburg Mile. I wear the pink headband & bracelet in memory of my wife, Tiff.


What has been your greatest accomplishment?

While it’s difficult to choose just one accomplishment, I believe one of my greatest accomplishments is believing in my student-athletes and, more importantly, getting them to believe in themselves. When student-athletes believe in themselves & their teammates, anything is possible.


Best game performance?

While our boys & girls teams had great seasons, I believe our best performance was our boys beating a very good Manheim Township team, 81 – 69, to win the Lancaster-Lebanon League Section One title and complete an undefeated season. (see bus ride home picture – this was taken on the way home from Manheim Township).


Who is your greatest inspiration and why?

My wife (Tiff) passed away in March 2019 from a 15-year battle with stage 4 breast, brain, lung, & liver cancer. She is my greatest inspiration. #teamTIFF


Your favorite motivational quote:

I’m not going to lie… I have many, many quotes that are my favorite.

“We may be strong as individuals, but as a team we are invincible!”
“These are the days that champions are made!”
“You didn’t wake up today to be average; you woke up to be great!”

Keep up to date with Coach Bare and his team on social media!

Twitter: @coach_bare

Team Instagram: @cedarcrest.track

Personal Instagram: @coach_bare

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