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Team Community Service

Community Service is an easily overlooked activity that can add an element of unity to any team. For some teams this might look like picking up trash at a park, volunteering for a local non-profit, or even taking time to run a clinic and teaching the sport to a younger audience. As a team captain for a collegiate club team, we try to find a weekend each semester where we do something for the community. This has taken the shape of helping rebuild older houses in our city to teaching kids at a local church how to play Ultimate Frisbee. While the positive impact for those effected by what you do is obvious, perhaps what is more important in the course of your season is the new environment that your players experience together. Learning about your teammates in a non-athletic setting is what helps create bonds that are carried back onto the field by way of trust and communication. It’s important to work as coach to provide opportunities to build this rapport because it creates empathy between your players. If they’re all from different places or even different grades at the same school, the lack of common experience will hinder their ability to understand each other as people. Community Service is a great way to create that shared experience between players.

Gold Athletics also values the benefits of Community Service, that’s why we make an effort to be present in the communities we serve throughout the year.

We find it important to show support for the coaches and athletes that make what we do possible. For instance, this weekend, on March 8-9, we’re headed to Gillette Stadium to participate in the New England Football Coaches Clinic. Every year, we grant a scholarship to an outstanding student athlete from one of our team partners. It's one of the most fulfilling parts of our job. Our Fundraising Coaches and administrative staff thoroughly enjoy the time they spend at team-sponsored golf and wrestling tournaments. We also love to donate time, energy, and merchandise to raffles or giveaways for our team partners. To see more on what we do, visit the “In The Community” tab on our website and look around. You’ll see more about our involvement with tournaments, scholarships, and other team driven events.

2018 Scholarship recipient David Schwartz was off to Harvard with a check in his pocket!


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