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Top Fundraising Skills That Lead to Success

Working towards a successful fundraising outcome requires a combination of soft and technical skills, with traits similar to those in sales and marketing. So, how can you prepare best for your team or programs fundraiser? Figure out what skills you have and you can use to your advantage in the next few weeks.

Here's a list of some of the top fundraising skills for you to keep in mind as you move through each phase of the fundraiser:

  • Great Interpersonal Skills

  • Commitment to your End Goal

  • Determination/Resilience

  • Perseverance

  • Integrity/Honesty

  • Being Adaptable

  • Tech Savviness

  • Ability to Connect with Supporters

  • Ability to Motivate Others

  • Creative Thinking

You will get rejected along your fundraising journey. Not every supporter will be willing to donate. What matters is your ability to persevere and rely on your skillset after hearing a few “no’s” and going until you’re met with the supporters who say “yes”. Having a strong combination of these skills on your team can make a big difference in achieving your sports fundraising goals. If this is your first fundraiser, don’t worry! You will be supported by Gold Athletics Coaches guidance and expertise while learning a lot about yourself and the tasks along the way.

Having these qualities will help your team deliver creative, unique, and engaging messages that resonate with supporters & help you to respond to the changing needs of your supporters.


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