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Why Digital Gold Cards are Gold Mines for Supporters 

What Makes Digital Gold Cards So Valuable?

Digital Gold Cards are a powerful fundraising tool; Gold Cards have become the primary approach to supporting your favorite teams while enjoying incredible perks. Here’s why these revolutionary cards have become essential for supporters everywhere:

Access Local & National Deals Right on Your Phone

Digital Gold Cards bring a world of discounts directly to your fingertips. Whether you're at home or traveling, you can effortlessly unlock deals from both local and national businesses. This means supporters can enjoy savings on dining, shopping, entertainment, and more, all through a convenient app on their smartphones.

Never Leave Your Gold Card Behind

With the transition to digital, the worry of forgetting your discount card is a thing of the past. Digital Gold Cards stay on your phone, ensuring that you always have access to the best deals whenever and wherever you need them. This convenience means no missed opportunities to save and support your team.

Buy Multiple & Transfer to Friends and Family

One of the standout features of Digital Gold Cards is the ability to buy multiple cards and transfer them to friends and family. This makes it easy to spread the joy of savings while expanding the supporter base. Whether it's a holiday gift or a simple act of kindness, sharing Digital Gold Cards is a win-win for everyone involved.

Digital Gold Cards Are The MVP of Sports Fundraising

For the Love of Deals❣️💸 Digital Gold Cards have quickly become the go-to choice for high school and youth sports teams. Their unique blend of value and convenience has set them apart as a premier fundraising tool. Here’s an in-depth look at what makes these digital cards so impactful:

A Partnership for Success

Gold Cards represent meaningful partnerships between Gold Athletics and a diverse array of businesses. Each card offers exclusive deals at 20 to 25 businesses, ensuring a year full of savings. The Merchant team at Gold Athletics works tirelessly to secure these partnerships, guaranteeing supporters access to top-tier discounts.

Personalized & Practical Discount Cards

These cards aren’t just functional; they’re also personalized. The front features your team’s branding, while the reverse side lists all the amazing local and national deals available. Each Digital Gold Card also comes with six Key Tags highlighting the best local offers. These tags can be detached and added to a keychain, ensuring that supporters always have easy access to their favorite deals.

Real-World Impact

Digital Gold Cards have demonstrated their effectiveness through impressive fundraising results. Here are some standout examples:

  1. 🏈 Broadneck Football Gold Card in Annapolis, Maryland Raised $54,575 with Fundraising Coach Rob Lunenfeld in under 3 weeks.

  2. 🏈 Milton Football's Fall Fundraiser Raised $42,900 with Gold Cards.

  3. 🎫 North Attleboro Football Gold Card Fundraiser Raised $44,050 in under 20 days.

  4. 🥍 Marshfield Youth Lacrosse Digital Discount Card Fundraiser in Massachusetts Raised $44,050 with 1,292 supporters in 3 weeks.

  5. 🦁 Chelmsford Lions Football Raised $39,625 last Fall 2023 during their Gold Card Fundraiser Gold Athletics Coach Steve Ash.

These impressive figures reflect the combination of teamwork, dedication, and the hands-on support provided by Gold Athletics fundraising coaches. From planning to execution, these coaches ensure a smooth fundraising experience, with immediate access to virtual cards through GoldDeals+.

Convenient and Multi-Use Discounts

Gold Cards are the epitome of convenience and value. These wallet-sized, multi-use cards offer discounts at a range of local and national businesses, making them a favorite among supporters. Each card is valid for a whole year, ensuring long-term value.

The front of each Gold Card is customized with your program or team’s graphics, while the back details the fantastic offers from each merchant. Additionally, the card includes six Key Tags featuring the most impressive local deals, designed for easy detachment and use.

To enjoy the discounts, simply present the Gold Card or Key Tag at a participating merchant. It’s that simple and convenient.

Get Started with Digital Gold Cards

Ready to elevate your team's fundraising efforts? Join the Gold Athletics mission today in prepping our next generation with the tools and experience they need to elevate their youth program experiences. Our fundraising coaches are here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring a successful campaign and happy supporters. Reach out to us to start your journey.

By leveraging Digital Gold Cards, supporters enjoy exceptional local and national deals while making a significant impact on their favorite teams. Discover the power of Digital Gold Cards with Gold Athletics today.


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