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questions about Cookies?

What do I do if my cookie dough arrives thawed?

Don't panic! Our cookie dough is "shelf stable" at room temperature at 77 degrees or below up to 21 days, in the fridge for 6 months, and in the freezer for 12 months. It can also be frozen and thawed repeatedly without fear of contamination or compromising the flavor. As long as the packing remains intact and undamaged, you can store your cookie dough in the freezer or fridge, depending on how quickly you plain to gobble it up!

Is it true that your cookie dough can be left out at room temperature for 21 days?

Yes. Our cookie dough has been tested and approved for a rating of shelf stability by Eurofins, the world’s largest and most respected food and pharmaceutical testing company. Eurofins employs over 15,000 technicians throughout 190 laboratories in 37 countries. The credibility of our testing process is second to none.

What makes your cookies Shelf Stable?

It’s in the ingredients. Lots of cookies are made with eggs and butter, but they are also the ingredients where bacteria can grow. We use whey protein, which is a common egg substitute in baking, and a Certified Sustainable palm oil shortening. These ingredients not only make our cookies Shelf Stable but also taste great!

Do you add any preservatives to your cookie dough?

No, we do not add preservatives to our cookie dough. Some of the ingredients we purchase may contain preservatives. For example, chocolate products (like in our M+M Cookies) almost always have soy lecithin added.

Is the nutritional analysis like other cookie dough brands?

Yes, you will find that most of the ingredients used are like other cookie dough products. However, with so many brands on the market we can’t speak for everyone. Our nutrition facts and ingredients are all listed on each box/tub and are available as a simple PDF download (below) for you to compare.



ALLERGEN AND Nutrition Facts

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