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3 Mistakes to Avoid During A Fundraiser

Over the past 20 years, Gold Athletics has raised millions of dollars in fundraisers for Youth Athletics and High School Sports. As you can imagine, there have been a lot of learning opportunities along the way and chances to put strategy and skill to the test. Today we’re bringing you the three common mistakes teams make during a fundraiser so you can proactively make changes to avoid them when it’s your time to shine.

1. Not having Goals and dates set prior to kick-off.

  • It’s necessary to set dates in stone before the fundraiser start date. This includes kick-off, phone blitz’ towards the end of the fundraiser (icing on the cake), and expectations of players set. Your fundraising Coach will help you with scheduling and goal-setting!

2. Coaches not paying attention to who is participating along the way.

  • Paying attention to the players who are performing well along the way and rewarding them with positive reinforcement will make a big difference. This also goes for the players who are slacking. It’s important to catch it early if someone isn’t putting in the effort from the start.

  • With the GA App it's easy to see performance up to the second so mistakes can be caught and improved on quickly

  • The new “Calculate Profit'' button is accessible in the top right corner of the GA App interface so Coaches can stay updated in real-time of how the fundraiser is performing and reaching its goals. It is important for our team to make things as simple as possible for our Coaches!

3. Waiting until last minute to hit goals.

  • It's too hard to recover if players and coaches are not acting on their tasks right from the start. Not having a sense of urgency throughout the duration will kill a fundraiser. The urgency can’t just strike at the last minute on the last two days.

Now you know the three most common mistakes to avoid during a fundraiser, so go raise some money for your program!


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